The Most Perfect Travel Playlist, Ever.

The Song of Yourself: A Travel Playlist to honor your wanderlust.


So it’s 6 am your time and 3 pm Amsterdam time, and you’re kind of exhausted and exhilarated at once. We’re here to provide you with music that will soothe & exhilarate the soul, a playlist created especially for you to let your mind and body wander. When we’re traveling, we like to partially ponder life’s great mysteries but also completely zone out and people-watch, while also enjoying many European coffees and fresh croissants and taking lots of naps. Thanks to Spotify, we’ve channeled this energy into making the most perfect travel playlist, ever.

photo 3

Here is the soundtrack to your next vacation. Let it take you away!

Have a listen to this, and dream of your next trip…or take it away with you if you already have your next trip planned (you jetsetter)! Whether it’s an urban paradise with artisan shops & cafes or a beachy cloud of bliss in Indonesia, you can make it happen. Who ever said not to mindmap?


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ImagineAsia: A Hidden Gem Situation

ImagineAsia and Wanderable have created four customized itineraries, just for you.

1 red boats

Have you ever been gotten lost in your own city, wandered down a cobblestone alley and ended up in a little shop? It has no sign on it, but you see intriguing jewels in the window, so you head in and end up finding the necklace that will soon become your everyday staple; your good- luck charm.

Well, ImagineAsia is the travel equivalent of this little daydream. A complete white-glove luxury service, they plan your entire trip, tailored to the vibe and focus you want. Every moment of your travels, espeically its energy and aesthetic, is tailored to your desires.  The thing that’s magical about ImagineAsia is “ ‘forty-five minutes here and back on the bus’ is not part of [their] vernacular, nor will it be part of your travel experience.”

3 elephants

For the nervous traveler, they leave absolutely nothing to chance: the company is off-the-beaten-path and small enough that they care about each traveler on a human level. They have no social media presence, and we only found them ourselves through word-of-mouth raving of their stellar approach and attitude. We also love their hipster mentality of traveling: “Our experts have lived and traveled throughout Asia since 1982. We know where to go years before the crowds arrive.”

Their guides are cool locals, not wannabe ex-pats, and they travel with you as much or as little as you desire. It’s a new thing for us to offer a complete pre-designed trip, rather than relying on you to be your own honeymoon architect. It’s because we really trust and love these guys.

4 schoolgirls

Together, we have designed four gorgeous trips for you, and they are all in the Kingdom of Thailand (a.k.a. paradise).

The first is Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Phuket, where you can gaze at Buddhist temples, adopt an elephant, and learn how to cook like a Thai Nigella Lawson.

2 solo boat

The second trip is Bangkok Golden Triangle & Phuket, with focus on roaming city streets after a stop at the mythical Emerald Buddha.

The third is Bangkok & Koh Samui, a chance to catch up on some history…and then hop back into the present, shopping for keepsakes & snorkeling in lagoons.

The fourth option is Bangkok & Khao Lak, where you’ll indulge in a culinary taste fest then hop on a boat for Thai music & dancing. ImagineAsia appeals to the different travelers within each of us…the student-at-heart, the food lover, the art groupie, and the overworked A-type.

Eleven days of bliss tending to each of these hungry parts of my heart, and I think I’d feel like a brave new human. Which of these trips appeals to you most? Leave your musings in the comments section below, and let’s continue the conversation.

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Go Gypsy: The Ultimate Silverlake Guide

Go Gypsy: Road trip down to Silverlake for the ultimate “gypset” oasis.


We admit it: whenever we’re in LA, we skip Santa Monica & Beverly Hills and head east. We can’t get enough of Silverlake, Los Feliz, & Echo Park, the trifecta of perfect hipness, and we have to share some of our secrets. Et voilà, below we reveal the key to unlocking a refreshing rock & roll-inspired day trip. This is your ultimate guide to Silverlake:

1. Breakfast at Sqirl: for health nuts & hungover hooligans alike. Try the Kokuho Rose Brown Rice Bowl. HEAVEN.


2. Trinkets at Reform School...this place has no shortage of artisan goodness like geometric earrings, vintage clothes, and rosemary-scented lotions.

reform school

3. Iced coffee & people-watching at Intelligentsia: we know it’s not the only Intelli, but it’s the best one.

4. Shopping on Hyperion…check out “OK” for marvelous & quirky gifts including great androgynous/unisex items.

5. Dinner at Café Stella where you’ll feel like you’re half in LA, half in Paris.

bar stella

6. Cocktails at Bar Stella (baby sister of Café Stella). Try to make new friends while you’re there, and see if you can spot cult celebrities like we do every time we go.

Silverlake is the sultry, fascinating lovechild of two cultures in conversation: the older Hispanic family neighborhoods blending with newer hipster enclaves to create an exotically chic, only-in-LA experience. The perfect example of this melding is the achingly cool Cafecito Organico. We don’t blame you if you come back braless or rocking a man bun. Go ahead, embrace your inner bohemian.


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The Anti-Selfie: Let Flytographer Shoot Your Honeymoon

Sparkly photos of you & your love when you’re in a foreign land.

WANDERABLE USE-Rome_Roberta Perrone for Flytographer1(Roberta Perrone for Flytographer)

We’ve all been there: You come home from the most splendid trip, so surreal in its loveliness that you can barely remember why you returned…BUT your photographs are rushed, blurry afterthoughts, awkward selfies, or 500 pictures of your love and none of yourself.

Well one kind of genius, Nicole Smith, has come up with a solution to all of these problems. Her admirably successful and growing brand is Flytographer, and their mantra is eerily similar to ours at Wanderable: “We believe memories are the best souvenirs, and connecting with a local is part of the vacation magic.” We agree whole-heartedly!

WANDERABLE USE-Paris_Lucille Caballero(Lucille Caballero for Flytographer)

To elaborate…Flytographer sets you up with a groovy, artistic local who takes a brief and incredibly natural photoshoot so that you’ll have photos that you adore of yourself and your homeslice on your honeymoon (or any vacation for that matter)!

WANDERABLE USE NYC Honeymoon - NYC Vacation Photographer(Kimberly Mufferi for Flytographer)

Basically, it’s like having a good friend frolocking along wherever you go for an afternoon (a friend that just so happens to be a magician behind the camera).  She discretely captures the sweetest of your moments, with iconic and foreign backdrops, as she shares with you her must-do’s in her city. The photos are delivered within a week of the shoot, where you can share or print them, or post via a charming online gallery (like this).  It brings the Wanderable trip full-circle in a very subtle and pretty way.

WANDERABLE USE Lisbon_Orsi Lazar for Flytographer(Orsi Lazar for Flytographer)

In essence, Flytographer is all about capturing your most natural & poignant moments so that your memories don’t float away. Your “Fly” will capture you completely in your element so that you can remember not just what you looked like on your honeymoon, but how you felt.

Go ahead, choose your own adventure…

Wanderable’s Sources for Travel Inspiration

Here at Wanderable everyone on staff suffers from acute cases of wanderlust. The lovely thing about our line of work is that drooling over photos of Santorini, Buenos Aires, and Bora Bora is considered part of a normal work day. As a result we’ve come up with a list of the best places to search for travel inspiration and thought we should share them.

Read on, but we’re warning you now, we can’t take responsibility for unplanned flight purchases.


The New York Times 36 Hours: We have been obsessed with the New York Times’ 36 hours column for years. It’s our go-to resource for brilliant travel insights both on and off the beaten path. In fact these guides have inspired and guided our past travels in MontevideoMexico CityBangkok, and Chicago.
Our 36 Hours pick: 36 Hours in Sarasota, Fla. 

AFAR: Be prepared, both AFAR’s print magazine and website will be the source of much travel-lust. We absolutely LOVE their Wanderlists, beautifully curated mini-guides with different themes and focuses.  Their twitter feed is a great source of travel resources, they really have their finger on the pulse of current travel trends.
Our AFAR pick: 15 Honeymoon-worthy Getaways

12HRS: One of our most recent discoveries, 12HRS, features gorgeously designed and curated 12 hour itineraries. Each one highlights a city’s ‘great discoveries’ and are created using the knowledge of locals and travelers. You won’t find the standard ‘obvious tourist highlights’ here, these itineraries were created for people with a passion for art, design, fashion and music.  We can’t wait to see their guide for San Francisco, until then we’ll keep following them on their blog and instagram.
Our 12HRS pick: 12 hrs in Berlin

The Everywhereist: Geraldine regularly has us laughing out loud with tales of travels with her husband and her search for the perfect cupcake. We love her weekly round ups of links, some of which are travel related, others which aren’t.
Our Everywhereist pick: The Ten Commandments of Air Travel

We Heart: We love this online magazine’s travel section. Full of gorgeous photos and a stunning layout, we lose ourselves in their articles. For design obsessed honeymooners this is a great resource for finding the perfect hotel.
Our We Heart pick: Sunset Beach

Traveling Inspiration: This is our go-to source for wanderlust-inducing images. Scrolling through the posts has us dreaming of floating down Venetian canals, hiking through Scottish Moors, and watching the sun set behind the Taj Mahal. If you’re looking to get a sense of where you’d like to go on your honeymoon, this is a great resource.
Our Traveling Inspiration pick: Sesimbra, Portugal

Maptia: We first discovered Maptia when we saw an image of their travel manifesto on Pinterest and were immediately intrigued. We’ve been following their blog for a few months now, and love their interviews and adore their photo essays. While the Maptia map hasn’t been released yet, we’re excited to see what they create.
Our Maptia pick: Photo Essay: Dawn To Dusk

What are your sources for travel inspiration? We love learning about new places to inspire our travels!