Spotlight: Earth and the Girl

Erika, of Earth and the Girl, shares her musings on life, food and all things travel


One of our favorite pastimes is finding talented individuals who share in our greatest passions. Our latest find is the incredibly gifted photographer (as well as nutritionist), Erika Behrmann. We cannot seem to get enough of her unique style and sense of adventure, as she sets off on an extended trip around Europe. If you don’t believe us, check out her blog, Earth and the Girl. This Foodie phenomenon has taken the time to share her thoughts and dreams with us. So take a look at this exclusive interview with Erika, of Earth and the Girl.

What is a typical day like for you?

My typical day is not very typical. Almost every day is a little bit different, especially now. Right now I’m focusing on putting together travel plans for an extended trip around Europe which will involve tasting food from countries varying from tapas in Barcelona, to the masterful and artful cuisine of France and Italy, german sausages in the beer halls of Germany, to chocolates and waffles in Belgium. Other than that, I am focusing on living and eating well, and updating my blog with some of my favorite recipes I create or tweak from classic recipes. My camera is with me often on any of these expeditions or creations.


What inspired you to become a photographer/nutritionist? Was it something you always dreamed of doing or something you just fell into?

I have always been interested in the relationship of health and wellbeing and what was important in making not only myself feel the best I can, but others around me. Naturally, my interest expanded into nutrition, since this along with exercise can prevent many of the chronic diseases the world faces in the modern age. I also have been involved in art from a very young age in terms of drawing and then eventually painting and photography. My two loves joined together in that I can focus on feeling good about my health as well as take pictures of the delectable dishes in which I create or take photographs of for various restaurants.


What is your favorite item to photograph?

Photography is all about seeing an object or person in a certain way. I will often see the world in photographs, noticing things as I walk or drive by them, wishing my camera was strung around my neck. This could include the midday sunlight caressing a lovers face through the window curtains, or the way a cast iron pan of sizzling food gives off steam that seems to sift up into the ceiling for a few small minutes before it cools down.


What destinations are on your bucket-list?

Norway, because my great grandmother came to America on a boat when she was a teenager and I never heard about what it was like to be a part of that family heritage. Thailand, because the culture is so rich and the food is so uniquely delicious. Australia, because of the adventure and because of the thrill of not knowing if I’ll get out of there alive (giant spiders, and snakes to name a few). Iceland, because of its breathtaking serene beauty. And finally, the Maldives – because it won’t be here much longer due to the environmental impacts of rising sea levels and erosion.


What is the last best thing you ate?

I could toot my horn and say that it was something I created but I honestly did try something amazing at a new restaurant in Hampton, New Hampshire called CR’s. There was this butterscotch pot de creme which had a salted caramel with brûlée top. It had such a smoothness and delicate texture with a touch of mint and blueberries. I would definitely return just for that!


What are you feeling/loving right now?

I am loving lemon everything right now. Lemon juice with my seltzer water. Lemon sorbet. Limoncello. Also, amaretto. I cannot get enough amaretto in my life right now.


What are your fashion travel essentials? 

Leggings. Light to pack, easy to wash. My waterproof Arita boots that have to versatility to wear anytime besides the times I need flip flops on the beach, perfect for hiking the mountains or stopping into a  restaurant. Also, mascara. Enough to open up the eyes but easy to clean.

If you could choose one of our Wanderable Experiences (we have over 2,800!) which one would it be and why?

The romance of Venice, the whimsy of Cinque Terre, the history of Rome, and the people, the beauty, and the vineyards of Florence. This experience alone encompasses so much of what someone would want in a travel adventure.


See what we mean? Erika definitely has an eye for all things photography. If you want to see more of Erika’s awesomeness, be sure to check out her blog (especially her 30 before thirty bucket list). We cannot wait to read about all of Erika’s upcoming Euro adventures!


What to Pack – Hawaii Edition featuring Ashley from Her Sparkle

Fashion blogger, Ashley Fehr Hajjar, shares her wisdom on what to pack on your Hawaiian honeymoon 


We absolutely love finding fellow jetsetters with similar interests as us. Ashley, from Her Sparkle, a blog focusing primarily on the stylish bride, is a global jetsetter who loves fashion, jewelry and blogging. Ashley is here to share her two cents about what to pack on your honeymoon to Hawaii. Enjoy and be sure to take notes.

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley from Sparkle Sense and Her Sparkle (set to launch in the next couple months!). I’m so excited to be starting this series with Wanderable on what to pack for your upcoming Honeymoon. The first edition is what to pack for Hawaii! Links to all items highlighted below. Happy Honeymooning!



1: Shoshanna Fringe Coverup // 2: Clover Canyon Romper // 3: Mara Hoffman Cut Out Maxi Dress // 4: Tory Burch Espadrille Sandals // 5: Wildfox Pineapple T-shirt Coverup {sweatshirt here} // 6: Zinke Striped One Piece // 7: Stuart Weitzman Wedges //

We could not love this more! We hope you enjoyed these amazing packing tips as much as we did. We definitely have some shopping to do before our next trip to Hawaii! Thanks Ashley!


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#WanderingEyes: Kelsea Holder

Wedding photographer, Kelsea Holder, captures ethereal, sultry beauty in anything and everything


We hope you wanderers have been enjoying our series #WanderableGypset, in which we glean highlights from the lives of some of our favorite professional haute-bohemian travelers. In this new series, #WanderingEyes, we will shine a light on artists who travel the world documenting its beauty, and our second feature is the brilliant wedding photographer, Kelsea Holder, whose kind demeanor and exacting eye have taken her to delicious heights.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.07.26 PM

Who is this Kelsea Holder, you ask?

She is a wedding photographer of the most insanely talented variety. She calls the Central Coast home but finds herself jetsetting across the globe on many adventures yearly to lend her eye to young couples’ unions and capture their magic. The way she captures the chic subtlety of her subjects, it’s no mystery her eyes have led her to wander from Iceland to France to California and everywhere in between. We are obsessed with her homegrown, youthful aesthetic, as she seems to capture not only young couples’ gorgeousness, but their giddiness as well.

Kelsea Holder 6

Here are some of our absolute favorite snaps and an exclusive one-on-one with the wunderkind herself.

Wanderable: What inspired you to become a wedding photographer? Was it something you always dreamed of, or something you just fell into?

Kelsey: It’s cheesy to say but I’ve been tinkering with cameras from a young age.  Not only photography struck me…so did painting, drawing, and sculpture. In college. Once I began taking photography seriously, my life changed. I had finally embraced what I wanted deeply in my heart to be doing, and I haven’t looked back.

Kelsea Holder 1

W: What is your favorite part of photographing weddings? What is the biggest challenge?

K: I love the amazing people I get to meet through wedding photography. My couples have always been so adventurous, kind, interesting, and in love! And usually their friends, family, and guests that I get to meet, are brilliant as well. The biggest challenge is finding time for myself because I get so wrapped up with what I do. But taking moments to relax and recharge my creativity is also important, so I have to remind myself to take a breather!

Kelsea Holder 10

W: What is the coolest place you have ever traveled?

K: Actually, Iceland. Generally I love bustling cities with swarms of people and the amazing history and culture they bring, but I like wandering off-the-beaten-path every once in a while. The population of sheep outnumbers humans in Iceland, so it seemed to be the perfect getaway from craziness and stress! My boyfriend and I rented a campervan and we spent almost two weeks trekking around exploring Iceland’s awe-inspiring nature. It was unforgettable.


W: Where’s on your bucket list?

K: I didn’t think I could have any more destinations on my bucket list…until I peeked onto Wanderable!! If I had to narrow it down, I’d say I’m really interested to experience Southeast Asia now, as well as New Zealand.


W: What are you feeling/loving/reading/capturing right now?

K: I’m leaving for a month-long trip to Europe in April. So as of now, I’m reading travel blogs and looking at way too many photos of castles and French food, and starting to get excited for the aesthetic inspiration this trip will bring.

Kelsea Holder 9

W: If you could choose one of our Wanderable Experiences,which one would it be and why?

K: Don’t make me choose!! I think this Winter weather has me googley-eyed over the Phuket Island tour. It would be incredible to experience such a starkly different culture and be able to witness such a calm, breathtaking place. Give me some sunshine, Thai food, and toes in that blue water, and I’ll be more than alright.

Kelsea Holder 7

Kelsea Holder 4

Kelsea Holder 8

Kelsea Holder 5

Kelsea Holder 2

Kelsea Holder 3

We can’t thank Kelsey enough for spending an afternoon with us.

Now off to Europe you go, mademoiselle!


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Say “I do” with Aideux

Ditch the trad and go for the rad: Introducing a new bridal line, Aideux

aideux 7

We are always on the lookout for new friends in the wedding world. One of our personal favorite (and brand new, we might add) bridal lines is the utterly chic Aideux (pronounced “I do”). This is no ordinary bridal line. The talented designers, Lucy and Aileen have created incredibly unique wedding dresses, sold as separates, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for the most important dress you’ll ever wear. With Aideux, you get to pick and choose your faves so your dress suits you, not the other way around. Also, the best part is, unlike other bridal lines, Aideux prides themselves on being able to wear your dress again and again after your special day! We were lucky enough to get the chance to interview Lucy and Aileen in the midst of all the craziness that is fashion week.

aideux 6

What inspired you to become involved in this industry? Was it something you always dreamed of or something you just fell into?

Lucy: I’ve always loved making and designing clothes, and as a true romantic, designed my first wedding dress for a friend right after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. I then landed my dream job as part of the Ralph Lauren Collection design team in New York.

Aileen: Personally, I have always been drawn to the behind the scenes, business aspect of fashion. As someone who aspired to be an artist as a child, I have an appreciation for craftsmanship and technique. I studied at NYU, followed by a short stint in finance, before finding my groove in fashion at marc jacobs, in retail strategy and financial planning. Bridalwear is really the pinnacle of all that – a blend of romance rooted in reality, craftsmanship and quality at its finest.

aideux 5

How did the concept of Aideux come to be?

While living here, we had so many friends falling in love and wanting to get married. When it came time to find their dress for the special day, they had such a hard time finding one that they felt reflected them – for all that they were. Here we’re smart, strong, successful women who were ambitious, eager to change the world and make it a better place. Sadly, the dresses they found seemed to be too one-dimensional, frilly, princessy. The dresses were disconnected from women’s lives. They did not reflect and could not adapt to the multi-dimensional, empowered woman.

What should have been a joyful, personal opportunity to find a dress that fit them perfectly and reflected them authentically, became a stressful, discouraging experience for friends. Why couldn’t they find a dress that reflected the person their friends, family, and fiancé knew and loved? We knew that we wanted to create something different to meet their need.

When Lucy and I met, we immediately recognized our complementary skills and experiences. Through our friendship and different personalities, we saw an opportunity to create a new kind of wedding apparel, one that would resonate with real, modern women. With that, Aideux was born.

aideux 4

What is the philosophy behind Aideux and how does it differ from a traditional wedding dress designer?

Our philosophy is to create wedding wear that empowers the woman to choose their vision. We want our pieces to inspire unique style choices. How amazing was Olivia Palermo with her sweater and tulle skirt on her wedding day, a look that perfectly showcased her personality?

We create dresses that can be fully customizable, offering brides the chance to tailor their look to perfectly represent who they are, beyond accessories.We know that every single bride is multi-faceted and unique. So, we are the first bridal line to offer only separates, allowing each bride to choose creatively how to pair the top and the bottom with our pieces or even their own, to seamlessly fit her vision, her taste, her body, and most importantly, her story.

The garments are constructed from the finest hand-selected silks, and made locally in New York. We personally oversee and attend to every detail in the process from start to completion. Each dress feels luxurious, chic and elegant for the bride’s wedding, but can be transformed into a reception piece, is also available for mixing and matching to a black tie event, or night out on the town after the wedding toasts have ended. As we like to say, we are for your special day, and all the days after!

aideux 3

What do you love most about being a wedding dress designer? What challenges do you tend to face?

Lucy: My concept for creating this collection sparked me to think outside of the box. I wanted to have all pieces match each other and it like was a puzzle to solve. Influences from my travels played a big part in designing them, and I love to challenge myself by incorporating the emotions I felt during those experiences into my designs.

Aileen: The world is changing and it is exciting to be a part of it. New attitudes about women – in the workplace, family, and world – offer us an opportunity to innovate in the wedding industry. Women have more opportunities than ever before; because of that, so many women no longer feel that the typical, “princess storyline” resonates with their goals and dreams when there are multitudes of storylines that she could write for herself. Aideux meets these changes by offering wedding apparel that allows each bride to customize a look that reflects her authentic, empowered self, exactly as she is.

aideux 2

Switching gears, what is your favorite place you have ever traveled?

Aileen: Iceland blew me away! The ever-changing landscapes, the freedom and isolation, the adorable sheep everywhere. Normally I have a hard time camping (and this is so cheesy), but being outdoors under the stars surrounded by such exotic landscape, I felt like I was a part of something grander and more beautiful.

Lucy: Hands down to Iceland. Everything that Aileen says about Iceland is true. It is such an inspirational place. As a designer, I have always been inspired by the designs that nature creates and they were everywhere to be found. Also, even though I’ve been living in the city for quite some time now, I have always been a nature girl over a city girl. Last year I had the privilege to travel to Iceland with my two roommates (one being Aileen) and it was life-changing.


What’s next on your bucket list?

Aileen: I would like to explore more of home sweet home so I’m heading to Portland, Oregon next!

Lucy: There are so many places I would love to see… If I have to choose, I would hope New Zealand is next for me.


What are you feeling/loving right now?

Aileen: Feeling excited about the launch of our brand new website! After working for so many months, we cannot wait to show our new collection to the world.

Lucy: Loving the positive vibes we’ve been receiving from other wedding industry startups! It’s encouraging to see how others are also innovating in this space.

aideux 1

If you could choose one of our Wanderable experiences (we have over 2,500!) which one would it be and why?

Wanderable is such an amazing concept. I think spending time together is the best gift you can give to someone, and Wanderable takes that ability to a whole new level. If we could choose, we would go on the Ireland experience because of its hauntingly beautiful landscapes, cliffs, and, of course, the whiskey.


It’s pretty easy to see why we are so in love with this timeless bridal attire. It is the perfect solution for every bride who wants a dress to perfectly suit her style. Make sure to take a peek at the other incredible options that Aileen and Lucy have designed and say “I do” with Aideux. We know we will.


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The Art of Travel: Wanderable Chooses the Winning Twenty20 Photo

Drumroll please… The winner of the Wanderable/Twenty20 Photo Contest is: Steven Potter!

First of all may we say how in awe we are of everyone who submitted photos to our Wanderable/Twenty20 contest. The photos we saw truly moved us and made us want to crawl in your suitcase and go everywhere with you! The winner (who gets to enjoy a Wanderable trip to Napa, California) was ultimately Seattle-based Steven Potter, with this photo of a seaside Seattle cove at dusk:

romance photo by @steven_potter  The winning Twenty20/Wanderable Photo by Steven Potter

The reason why we fell in love with this photo? It has an original point of view: Steven took the photo through a piece of driftwood. He’s on the outside looking in on a moment between two people. Wanderable is all about helping couples share memorable experiences together, and Steven’s point of view is a great allegory for helping couples craft & capture moments. It tells a story: This couple is exploring an unknown location, and their appearance and body language tells us they’re adventuring.  One is in the stereotypical explorer stance with one hand above the brow. We feel like this really captures everything we’re about: people, traveling, exploring, etc., and for his a reward he’ll travel to Napa and indulge in a vacation, on us.


To learn more about this emerging artist…be sure to check out his galleries of photos HERE, and here’s Steven in his own words: “Since I was very young I can remember being fascinated with photography.  My father had a 35 MM camera that was strictly off limits to us kids.  In 1987,when I was about 18, he went on a business trip and had left his camera on the kitchen table.  My creative side got the better of me and I used his camera to take some photos of a squirrel playing outside our window.  I put the camera back and forgot all about it until he had the photos developed.  I remember him saying that they were great photos but he didn’t remember taking them.  It wasn’t until I had my first photography show that I finally fessed up to my dad that I was the one to take those photos.  I figured by then, I was 30 years old and so much time had passed that he wouldn’t get angry!  He took it very well and said that he was very proud of my work.”


For more Whimsical, Wanderable-esque moments, be sure to also check out Steven’s Instagram and Twitter. And read on for some more background on this fascinating photographer, and how he found himself unwittingly immersed in art.

Wanderable: When did you fall in love with photography?

Steven Potter: I first truly got into photography when I bought my first digital camera for a trip to New York City in 2001.  Soon after I returned, I decided to do a coffee table book as a Christmas gift for my housemate of his beautiful home that I was sharing with him that was built in 1902.  My goal was to make even simple features seem beautiful, unique & artistic.  My housemate, at that time, owned a wine bar here in Seattle and would feature a local artist each month.  He loved my coffee table book gift and asked me to show my work at his wine bar. It took some convincing, but I accepted his invitation and had my first exhibit. It was at that show that I told my father about those squirrel photos.


W: What is your favorite thing to shoot?

S: Although I truly enjoy all types of photography, I have to say my favorite subject is nature photography.  It’s not a clear favorite, however, as I love taking still life, portrait, travel & architecture photos to name a few.

W: Where did you get the idea for your winning photo?

S: Regarding my winning photograph.  It happened organically.  I had hiked to a secluded beach on the Washington coast to take some photos during a foggy morning.  I loved the unique piece of driftwood that had the hole in it.  I was checking it out to see if I could get any unique shots when I noticed the couple walking along the beach.  I composed the shot I wanted and waited for the right timing to snap the photo as they passed by.


W: What is your favorite place to photograph?

S: Honestly, that’s a tough one.  I love anywhere that has natural beauty, unique architecture, historical value, etc and find something special and unique about everywhere I go.

W: Selfishly we must know…if you could have any Wanderable experience, what would it be?

S: If I could take pictures on any of your Wanderable Experiences it would be the Imagine Asia: Bankok, Koh Samui package. My brother and his wife recently were in Thailand and tell me often that I would love going there to do photography.  It would be amazing to experience some of the scenic coast, tropical forests, ancient temples and modern cities.  Not to mention the food.

Well done, and well deserved, sir.