Honeymoon Registry Etiquette


While Honeymoon Registries are quickly growing in popularity, we often get questions on how to best create a registry that will make giving gifts memorable for both guests and couples. Here are our tips:

Know your guests:  Some guests may not be comfortable purchasing non-traditional gifts like helicopter tours and wine tastings. We suggest including some traditional items on your Wanderable registry or, if you really need to play it safe, you could always consider having a second traditional registry.

Take some time to plan:  Sure you could have guests give into a general honeymoon fund, but it is way more exciting to give and be given cooking classes, a picnic near the Eiffel Tower or a romantic cruise on the Seine. People love hearing about travel plans and will be excited to hear about where you are going, especially if they’ve been there before.

Personalize your registry:  Let your voice shine through, include photos, stories or even jokes. All of this will bring the experiences your guests are giving to life.  Check out some of our sample registries to get inspired.

Include a variety of items on your registry:  By providing lots of different types of gifts, at many different price points, you’ll give your guests lots of options.