Honeymoon Registry Etiquette


While Honeymoon Registries are quickly growing in popularity, we often get questions on how to best create a registry that will make giving gifts memorable for both guests and couples. Here are our tips:

Know your guests:  Some guests may not be comfortable purchasing non-traditional gifts like helicopter tours and wine tastings. We suggest including some traditional items on your Wanderable registry or, if you really need to play it safe, you could always consider having a second traditional registry.

Take some time to plan:  Sure you could have guests give into a general honeymoon fund, but it is way more exciting to give and be given cooking classes, a picnic near the Eiffel Tower or a romantic cruise on the Seine. People love hearing about travel plans and will be excited to hear about where you are going, especially if they’ve been there before.

Personalize your registry:  Let your voice shine through, include photos, stories or even jokes. All of this will bring the experiences your guests are giving to life.  Check out some of our sample registries to get inspired.

Include a variety of items on your registry:  By providing lots of different types of gifts, at many different price points, you’ll give your guests lots of options.

Receiving your Funds, with Love


While we love to focus on the heart behind the honeymoon registry experience at Wanderable—loved ones giving meaningful experiences to one another, the gift of memories that last a lifetime—we focus just as earnestly on the practical need to provide a safe and seamless payment system for funds to be delivered to Wanderable couples. We selected Balanced as our payment processing platform because they provide the best possible experience for both gift givers and receivers on Wanderable, and there’s a lot to love about our payment system:

Easy setup. When you create your Wanderable registry you can enter your bank account information to have  funds directly deposited into your account, or elect to have your funds mailed to your address – whatever is most convenient for you. (Please note due to currency complexities, international couples must utilize PayPal.)

Quick and easy payment. We ensure our couples receive the direct deposit for each registry item they are gifted within two business days. Couples who opt to receive their funds in the mail can have their balance be sent in one lump sum at the end of their registry, or request as many separate checks as they want along the way.

No worries.  Balanced is Level 1 PCI certified, meeting the strictest compliance standard in the industry, and they integrate seamlessly into our site so you don’t have to log in to another account—you have enough to juggle planning a wedding and honeymoon!

With a payment system so easy and breezy, you can focus on the important stuff for your honeymoon registry… like whether you want to go for a snorkeling or kayaking expedition.

Questions, comments? We would love to hear them at hello@wanderable.com. To learn more about Balanced, visit balancedpayments.com.

Introducing Waggable…



[Update: April 2nd, 2013. Happy April Fools! Although Waggable received such a warm reception, we are wondering if we should expand our customer base permanently!]
Introducing Waggable

At Wanderable we are always looking for new ways to enhance our honeymoon registry services, and so we are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product offering today: Waggable, the premiere honeymoon registry service for dogs. From pampering paw-icures to leash-free long walks on the beach made complete with a romantic plate of spaghetti for two, Waggable will help pooches around the world fund their dream doggiemoons together.

To get inspiration for your own four legged friends, check out Scout and Kona’s fun-filled registry for their upcoming trip to  San Francisco on Waggable here.

What city will your dogs be honeymooning in thanks to Waggable? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Creative Honeymoon Registry Designs

We see hundreds of beautiful, unique honeymoon registries created by couples every month on Wanderable, and so today we wanted to highlight some of our recent favorites for your own entertainment and inspiration!


Couple: Rachel + Paul

Destination: Paris, France

Why we love it: The backdrop. This charming map of Paris is such a romantic way to tie in a honeymoon destination with a registry theme, and the the R+P welcome note to guests and its heartfelt message is a great personal touch.


Couple: Jenna + Mike

Destination: South Island, New Zealand

Why we love it: Customization. We love how how Jenna and Mike used their own photos to represent each of the experiences they are asking for, making it so gift givers can really visualize them on the adventures they are helping to fund.


Couple: Ioulia + Aaron

Destination: Around the world

Why we love it: The travel theme. Ioulia and Aaron’s Save the Date makes a picture perfect background image for their Wanderable registry, and what better way to show their mutual love of travel to their wedding guests. All aboard the Wedding Express!


Couple: Maria + Dan

Destination: Caribbean

Why we love the registry: The brilliant meme theme. At Wanderable we love all things tech and broke into collective hysterics after seeing Maria and Dan’s clever use of internet memes to represent their various experience requests in their registry. From the Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl” to the use of LolCats, the birthplace of internet memes, this couple has created a registry that is sure to get as many laughs as contributions!


Couple: Lily + Danny

Destination: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Why we love the registry: Adorable background photo. This black and white snapshot of Lily and Danny makes the perfect registry background image. It is hard to resist giving gifts to a couple with who can wear mustaches so well.

Do you have a creative registry that you would like to share with the Wanderable blog? Email us at hello@wanderable.com – we would love to hear from you!