Name That Honeymoon Destination: March Edition

Can you name the honeymoon destination based on the photograph provided? Hint: The historic bridge shown dates all the way back to 1473.

Bonus points if you can also name the river AND the bridge shown in the image below.


Think you have the right spot? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us your guess. Then check back next week for the answer.

UPDATE: The answer is Rome, Italy. Also shown is the Tiber River and Ponte Sisto bridge.


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Our Favorite Restaurants for a Honeymoon: Selene (Santorini, Greece)

Ranked as one of the best restaurants in Europe, Selene recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. A must-visit spot for newlyweds exploring Santorini in Greece, the acclaimed restaurant focuses on local ingredients and creative dishes such as poached Aegean codfish and grilled octopus.


Meanwhile, the views can’t be beat, either. The restaurant is situated on one of the highest points of Santorini in the historic village of Pyrgos.

The experience doesn’t end with dinner. Couples can also sign up for cooking classes, wine tastings, demonstrations, and a visit to the local folklore museum.

Heading to Greece for your honeymoon? Be sure to add this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience to your registry list.


Image courtesy of Selene