The Wanderable Gypset: Nicole Anderson

Wanderable will be featuring wanderlust-y individuals literally living their dreams in our new feature, The Wanderable Gypset.  Nicole Anderson is the inaugural bohemian tastemaker in this brand new series.


What is a gypset?

A gypset is a gypsy-jetsetter, a free spirit who is young and heart and leads an unconventional career and life, traveling the globe and wandering through life at her own pace, in her own style.

Who is Nicole Anderson?

Nikki is a professional wedding photographer (check out her drop-dead gorg portfolio) who studied Russian literature at Harvard and lives in Singapore with her fiance. Her itinerary this month includes Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Marrakech, London, Glasgow, and Singapore.

We picked her brain with this lovingly curated questionnaire, and we are happy to reveal the responses to you.

Wanderable: Walk me through an average day in your un-average life.

Nicole: As a wedding photographer, I’m lucky to have a very flexible workday and really no two days are the same. But on most days, I’ve likely gone out for coffee, done some photo editing, made time for reading, thought about going to yoga and then thought up excuses for not going, spent way too much time on Instagram/Style Me Pretty/100 Layer Cake, and somewhere along the way opened a bottle of wine.

W: Did you always want to be a traveler, or did you just fall into this lifestyle?

N: My family spent a summer in Austria when I was 16, and I remember the wild sense of freedom I had wandering around Salzburg. I loved being able to create each day, get lost, hop on a bus, see works of art, discover hidden cafes, and read all afternoon. After college, I had a great job in marketing but I just wasn’t happy tied to a desk. I had no idea if I could make it as a photographer, but I knew it was worth trying. Being able to spend a month in Paris last February during the wedding off-season or book a last minute flight to Culebra with a friend without asking anyone for vacation time definitely confirmed that this was the job for me.


W: What are you feeling/loving/eating/reading right now?


  • Feeling: blessed
  • Loving : my fiance Daniel
  • Eating: In the past two weeks, Spanish tapas to Moroccan tagines to my friend’s delicious Pakistani food
  • Reading: The Savage Detectives by Robert Bolano and The Debt to Pleasure by John Lanchester

W: If you could bring anything/anyone from home, what/who would that be?

N: If I have Daniel and a good book with me, I don’t need anything else.

W: What location is on your bucket list, and why?

 N: One of the many reasons I love my fiancé is that even while we were traveling on our engagement trip (I asked for a trip instead of a ring!), we couldn’t help talking about all the places we want to go together. There’s such a lot of world to see. For our honeymoon we have already tossed around wildly different ideas, like beaches in Greece + Albania + Croatia OR a wine + cycling tour of Italy OR Iceland adventuring!


 W: What are your go-to travel essentials?

  • ONA Bowery camera bag
  • Canon Mark III
  • Journal/book
  • A great necklace (currently alternating between a gold and white 31 Bits necklace and a colorful one scored at an Anthropologie sale)
  • Flowy maxi dresses
  • Comfy but cute walking shoes (currently tribal patterned Toms and trusty Birkenstocks)
  • MAC red lipstick and sunscreen
  • A scarf that can double as a picnic blanket when the occasion calls for it

 W: What has recently taken your breath away?

 N: In Madrid, some of Goya’s later paintings at the Prado Museum. In Cordoba, the stunning Mezquita Cathedral. In Seville, the Puente de Triana at night. And in Morocco, an incredible Berber village perched atop a mountain in Ouirgane.

W: What have you learned about your Significant Other other through your travels?

 N: He’s learned that I wait to eat sketchy street food until the last day of a trip in case I get sick and that when I have my game face on I’ll haggle toe to toe with any Marrakech shop keeper! I’ve learned that his shoulder is my favorite travel pillow, he has a way better sense of direction than I do, and that when I’m sick he’ll rush out to get me tea and lie with me in bed reading Borges stories aloud to keep my mind off my stomach ache. And together we’ve learned that we will both shamelessly tie our sweaters around our waists when the forecast has fooled us.


W: Advice for aspiring Gypsets? Go.

N: There’s always a way to satisfy your wanderlust. I once took a semester off college and was practically broke, so I worked on a farm through WWOOF in Cornwall, crashed with a cousin in London, and Couchsurfed in Italy and France. That trip cost me very little, but it was one of the best of my life. Make friends that live in other cities and countries. A hundred times better than staying in a hotel, and a heck of a lot cheaper too. Be bold in what you ask of the universe.

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Friday’s Five

We read a lot of different sources for travel and wedding inspiration each week. And while many of you may already follow us on twitter and facebook, you might not catch all our amazing discoveries. In that vein we’ve decided to share the five best things we’ve discovered in the past week. Things we think will help with your wedding or honeymoon planning, inspire you to travel, or something that just caught our eye. We’d love your feedback – or if you spot something we should be reading, please share!

(image via Entouriste)

If you need help selecting a honeymoon destination or simply enjoy great travel photos, we’d suggest exploring Entouriste’s blog or following them on Facebook. They are our newest travel obsession! Check out these fantastic posts for the South of France/Italy  and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Every day we share a travel tip on twitter. Some days we want someone else’s perspective on traveling, so we googled ‘travel tips’ and stumbled upon these amazing and hilarious travel tips from the Everywhereist.

This week we discovered 100 Layer Cake’s ‘Color Stories,’ and we’re in love. If you are in the process of choosing your wedding’s palette, we’d kindly suggest you check these out.

(image via 100 Layer Cake)

Do you know about goop? We’ve been receiving their newsletter for a while and think they have amazing travel advice. We’ve got a couple long flights coming up and are going to use these tips for flying better.

Want to get your honey more involved in the wedding planning process? Have him start following The Man Registry on twitter. Not only do they post great advice, it is aimed at the groom, a rare thing to find in wedding media.

Have a great weekend!

Wanderable’s Sources for Travel Inspiration

Here at Wanderable everyone on staff suffers from acute cases of wanderlust. The lovely thing about our line of work is that drooling over photos of Santorini, Buenos Aires, and Bora Bora is considered part of a normal work day. As a result we’ve come up with a list of the best places to search for travel inspiration and thought we should share them.

Read on, but we’re warning you now, we can’t take responsibility for unplanned flight purchases.


The New York Times 36 Hours: We have been obsessed with the New York Times’ 36 hours column for years. It’s our go-to resource for brilliant travel insights both on and off the beaten path. In fact these guides have inspired and guided our past travels in MontevideoMexico CityBangkok, and Chicago.
Our 36 Hours pick: 36 Hours in Sarasota, Fla. 

AFAR: Be prepared, both AFAR’s print magazine and website will be the source of much travel-lust. We absolutely LOVE their Wanderlists, beautifully curated mini-guides with different themes and focuses.  Their twitter feed is a great source of travel resources, they really have their finger on the pulse of current travel trends.
Our AFAR pick: 15 Honeymoon-worthy Getaways

12HRS: One of our most recent discoveries, 12HRS, features gorgeously designed and curated 12 hour itineraries. Each one highlights a city’s ‘great discoveries’ and are created using the knowledge of locals and travelers. You won’t find the standard ‘obvious tourist highlights’ here, these itineraries were created for people with a passion for art, design, fashion and music.  We can’t wait to see their guide for San Francisco, until then we’ll keep following them on their blog and instagram.
Our 12HRS pick: 12 hrs in Berlin

The Everywhereist: Geraldine regularly has us laughing out loud with tales of travels with her husband and her search for the perfect cupcake. We love her weekly round ups of links, some of which are travel related, others which aren’t.
Our Everywhereist pick: The Ten Commandments of Air Travel

We Heart: We love this online magazine’s travel section. Full of gorgeous photos and a stunning layout, we lose ourselves in their articles. For design obsessed honeymooners this is a great resource for finding the perfect hotel.
Our We Heart pick: Sunset Beach

Traveling Inspiration: This is our go-to source for wanderlust-inducing images. Scrolling through the posts has us dreaming of floating down Venetian canals, hiking through Scottish Moors, and watching the sun set behind the Taj Mahal. If you’re looking to get a sense of where you’d like to go on your honeymoon, this is a great resource.
Our Traveling Inspiration pick: Sesimbra, Portugal

Maptia: We first discovered Maptia when we saw an image of their travel manifesto on Pinterest and were immediately intrigued. We’ve been following their blog for a few months now, and love their interviews and adore their photo essays. While the Maptia map hasn’t been released yet, we’re excited to see what they create.
Our Maptia pick: Photo Essay: Dawn To Dusk

What are your sources for travel inspiration? We love learning about new places to inspire our travels!