Major New Zealand Wanderlust

It’s #WanderlustWednesday, so why not take a virtual vacation?

Here at Wanderable, our wanderlust is constantly at an all-time high. Our latest obsession is New Zealand (we’re dreaming of Summer in February, can’t you tell?) so we’ve been working tirelessly with one of our favorite Travel Concierges Time 2 Go! and put together a collection of some of the best images of New Zealand just for you. The best part? With Time 2 Go! one day, these could be your pictures…

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Every visitor to Queenstown should hike or ride to somewhere high. From the top of almost any hill, magnificent views await.

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South Canterbury delivers the perfect balance of natural, historical and indulgent experiences. Witness filming locations from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for yourself.

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 The natural beauty of Owharoa Falls in Karangahake Gorge makes for a very memorable ride.

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 Rustic, relaxed and unspoiled, The Coromandel is one of New Zealand’s best-loved holiday destinations.

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Originally a French settlement, the historic town of Akaroa is a place to enjoy fine cuisine and wildlife cruises.

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You can’t escape the ocean in subtropical Bay of Islands – nor would you want to.

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The Tutukaka Coast is a detour you won’t want to miss on your journey north of Auckland.

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 Near Lake Wanaka, the Matukituki Valley offers tantalising glimpses of the high peaks and glaciers.

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Auckland promises to keep you busy and stimulated – you can mix urban pleasures with marine adventures.

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Leap into the Lake Wanaka landscape with a tandem skydive over some of the most spectacular scenery in New Zealand

Now you can see why New Zealand is our absolute latest obsession, and cause of maj wanderlust. With a countless amount of activities to do and sights to see, take our word for it, NZ definitely needs to be at the top of your bucket list. Make sure to keep Time 2 Go! in mind when planning your next New Zealand adventure.


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