Honeymoon in Thailand

What’s not to love about Thailand? It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for happy couples the world over. Visit Thailand not just for partying or tourism, but for the beauty and spiritual depth that makes it the perfect locale for romance.

No visit to Thailand would be complete without checking out Wat Arun, arguably the most famous of Bangkok’s temples.

Wat Arun

Thailand is amazing for many reasons—its amazing culture, plethora of both natural and crafted beauty, incredible food, and friendly folk, but more than anything, it’s the unforgettable, inimitable range of scenery that it has to offer.

Buddhist Statues

The jungles of the north, the metropolis in the center, and the beaches in the south are the three main regions of Thailand. A couple could easily spend a trip to immerse themselves in a region or all. A great system of buses, trains and inexpensive flights make navigating the country, including its heavenly countryside, a breeze. The vast array of cost options for visiting the country range from lavish resorts to rival any on earth, to budget adventures with street food and quirky hotels.


Bangkok is packed with incredible temples, sights, food, spas, and art, but don’t miss the Reclining Buddha. This giant statue lies within a beautiful temple close to the heart of scenic downtown. If you get hungry while taking pictures or chatting with monks, grab some delicious street food, which can be found pretty much everywhere.

Reclining Buddha


Up in the northern region, the weather is cooler but the sights are just as hot. There’s plenty to see—from the zoo of Chiang Mai, built amid the forest, to the surreal temples like Wat Phan Tao and Wat Umong. However, nothing manmade quite matches the glory of riding nature’s largest teddy bear, the elephant. Nearby sanctuaries are also easily accessible from the city.

Wat Umong


If the jungle hikes and shining temples of the north wear you down, head south to the famed beaches of Thailand for some rest and relaxation. There are literally thousands of beaches and islands in southern Thailand to choose from, but choose carefully! Unless you really want to spend your honeymoon with a few thousand British teenagers, pick the more remote and pristine spots. We like Karon Beach, located in Phuket, which is both conveniently near modern amenities while also being peaceful enough for relaxation.

Karon Beach

Whether you’re looking for romantic bliss, frenetic fun, divine contemplation, or soul-moving beauty, Thailand has something for everyone.


  1. Well written, and love the photos.

  2. Well written, and love the photos.

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