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Being on a plane for hours doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be a chance to truly escape, to be contained in a pod of comfy bliss and catch up on little activities, surrounded by hip gadgets & creature comforts. Check out a few of our our tried-and-true travel essentials, and get addicted to flying Wanderable-style.


1. Cover Up: With a blanket-sized scarf that’ll morph into an international symbol of sophistication when you step off the plane. Check out the wanderlust-inspired prints by Theodora & Callum. The best part: they show you a bunch of different ways to wear.  

2. Speed Up: If you travel quite a bit, it might be worth it to jump on the CLEAR train, a membership that gives you expedited security for one year.

3. Drink Up: Made from teakwood, this bottle by S’well will stop you from buying $6 water bottles all over Europe. But don’t bring it full on the plane, obviously.

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4. Look Up: We advise bringing an extra pair of glasses on any trip, a pair that makes you feel smart & worldly. With Warby Parker, you’re also contributing to a good cause– for every pair of glasses they sell, they give one to someone in need.

5. Rest Up: The world is kind of a crazy place, and Birkenstocks with socks are kind of pretty now (and they slip off easily in airport security). Go for it. If you’re not digging it, moccasins work well, too.

6. Read Up: We advise to keep it light. If you haven’t already, try catching up on Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, or our new favorite,  Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl. Just download them all on your Kindle and save some room in that carryon.

Lastly, some online markets to browse…

7. Flight 001: This company, pronounced “Flight 1,” is kind of the mecca for travel goodies. If you like objects with a bit of attitude, look no further than their eye masks and laptop cord “tacos.”

8. Muji: This minimalist Japanese lifestyle brand is inspiring, and their “on board” travel department  is not to be missed.

OK, darling…fly safe, and don’t forget to wear mild perfume & bring toothpaste! Stay tuned for the next edition of #TravelEssentials, and we know when you fly, you’ll be ready to live your vacation as a Wanderable wildflower: comfortable and breezy, ready to take in your surroundings. #WanderOn!

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