Day Classes to take While Traveling

Travel is a time to explore. It allows us to see life a little differently, expand our worldviews and get a glimpse of other cultures. Your honeymoon should be no different. There are many things to do while traveling to new areas. One of our personal favorites at Wanderable is to take a day class or two with the locals. Below are classes to consider in some of the top honeymoon destinations.


Surfing classes – Though not for the faint of heart, surfing classes are so much fun and happen to be an excellent workout. If you’re heading to Oahu, we recommend the pros over at Gone Surfing!

Roastmaster for a day – Are you a coffee lover? If so, this may be the class for you. You get to learn how to roast coffee and you even get to take it home with you when you’re done! Mountain Thunder, in Kona, offers this unique tour.

Hula classes – Learn how to move like the natives of this beautiful land. Take a hula class while you’re on one of the islands. The most popular classes for tourists can be found at local hotels.

Thai massage
– Have you always wanted the ability to give a great massage? Learn the basics of Thai massage in a one-day course.

Learn to make jewelry – Thai silver is one of the most beautiful types of silver work in the world. Learn from experts how to do basic silver-smithing, in a one, two or five day class.

Cooking classes – One could travel to Italy just for the food and wine alone. There are few places that would be better to take a cooking class.

Craft cocktail class – This class is a fun idea to get the creative juices flowing, both literally and figuratively. Learn from a mixologist what goes in a standard cocktail and a fancy cocktail, and learn what makes one cocktail stand out above the rest.

Basic leather work – There is no better place to learn the art of making leather into beautifully crafted useful objects than Florence. Learn from the pros and take a finished project home with you.

Cooking with chocolate classThis school offers several unique dessert and baking classes centered around one of our favorite ingredients, chocolate. They also have classes on wine and wine pairing.

Art classes – You can take everything from a drawing, painting or sketching class to an art class that is offered in the Louvre. Indulge your inner artist in Paris.


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