Cool As A Cucumber: Indulging in the Refined Tastes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“I think you create your own hipness.” – Singer/Songwriter Peabo Bryson


Ahhh, Williamsburg: the world capital of rooftop gardens, abstract geometric tattoos, and artisanal espresso drinks. There are many neighborhoods all over the planet that attempt to emulate it, but Williamsburg is the real deal.  No imitators can compete with the effortless swagger of this painfully artistic hood. You’ll walk around holding hands with your best friend & lover and gaze at the lanky bohemian spirits in a universe where shaving is totally optional. With all that in mind, we’re grateful to announce to you our new partnerships with Like A Local & Get Up and Ride, two concepts that will infuse the travels of young lovers with the essence of all things Brooklyn.


With Get Up and Ride,  you’ll travel on the hipster’s favored mode of transportation: the bicycle, evergreen in its chicness. One of their masterful guides (there are five) will plan the most romantic bike tours you could possibly imagine, and you’ll see New York in a whole new light.


He’s the consummate pro at spotting great places before they get crowded and right when they’ve just started to sparkle. He’ll take coffee lovers on a pour-over tour and foodies to a brunch taco gem that only houses one table for two.  If you would prefer a cozy evening, Felipe can plan a dinner created by one of his professional chef buddies. The world is your oyster with this relaxed and connected cohort.

Like a Local offers a different and equally fun vibe. They offer a “Sunday Funday” tour which takes you off the beaten path to taste Brooklyn-made products:  craft beer and local wine, authentic BBQ, hand-made chocolate, and…wait for it…extra virgin olive oil ice cream.


While testing out this tour, we met a couple celebrating many years together.  When I asked them why they chose this experience, the gentleman responded, “She may not remember something I gave her, but something we do together, we can remember that forever.” Though you may pick up an artisanal memento or two along the way, that is indeed the distilled essence of Wanderable: Gift Memories, Not Things.


Rock on, Brooklyn.

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