UPDATE: Contest Closed! Win A Bachelorette Party for 8 to NYC!

UPDATE: This contest is now closed! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find out about more chances to win!


Screen Shot 2015 06 10 at 6.57.34 AM UPDATE: Contest Closed! Win A Bachelorette Party for 8 to NYC!

We cannot wait to announce our partnership with The Bach, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Manhattan Walking Tours, On Location Tours, and The New York Nightlife to give away an incredible New York City bachelorette party for 8!

Here’s what’s included:

– A 1-hour bachelorette planning session with Joanne Barken, CEO of The Bach

– A Sex and the City Hot Spot Tour from On Location Tours

– A VIP Nightclub Experience from The New York Nightlife

– A Times Square Walking Tour from Manhattan Walking Tours

– A $400 voucher for a ladies luncheon or dinner from The Big Fat Indian Wedding

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Top 5 Things to Do in New York City

A true New Yorker at heart, Maddy Douglass of Ginger & The Fizz shares her top 5 favorite things to do in New York City. 

Brodo2 1024x682 Top 5 Things to Do in New York City

 Maddy enjoying a coffee in the city that never sleeps.

I know, I know – not another list, right? But this one is a legitimate, friend-curated, New Yorker-approved list of things to do and eat if you have a quick two or three days in the Big Apple coming up! You probably already know by now that you can’t see everything in New York on a shorter (or even sometimes lengthier) excursion, so you’ve got to prioritize – and, if we’re being honest, the Statue of Liberty probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Make the most of the exhibits and restaurants that are around now and you won’t regret a single subway swipe (or cab ride) across the island.

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Cool As A Cucumber: Indulging in the Refined Tastes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“I think you create your own hipness.” – Singer/Songwriter Peabo Bryson

BrooklynMain 1024x768 Cool As A Cucumber: Indulging in the Refined Tastes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Ahhh, Williamsburg: the world capital of rooftop gardens, abstract geometric tattoos, and artisanal espresso drinks. There are many neighborhoods all over the planet that attempt to emulate it, but Williamsburg is the real deal.  No imitators can compete with the effortless swagger of this painfully artistic hood. You’ll walk around holding hands with your best friend & lover and gaze at the lanky bohemian spirits in a universe where shaving is totally optional. With all that in mind, we’re grateful to announce to you our new partnerships with Like A Local & Get Up and Ride, two concepts that will infuse the travels of young lovers with the essence of all things Brooklyn.

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The Un-Tropical Paradise: Every Couple is an Island

“He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat. Oh, I love this. New York was his town, and it always would be.” Manhattan, Woody Allen

MAINIMAGE1 The Un Tropical Paradise: Every Couple is an Island

If you’ve been taking a gander at our blog, you’ll notice that we’ve introduced to you a new, weirdly discreet honeymoon destination: New York. We’ve partnered with stellar, one-of-a-kind vendors to offer you trips that manifest our dream urban getaway. In this article we’ll focus on New York’s biggest hit song: Manhattan.

First, we have to ask…have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? We hadn’t, but learned through Tribeca Sailing that it is painlessly accessible by quaint, romantic sailboat. Why join fifty other tourists when you could have your own? David, the skipper, has completely refurbished Tara, one of the finest fiberglass sailing boats ever created.  Bring a picnic onboard, and grow enamored of the NYC skyline in all its divine subtlety.

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Concrete Jungle of Wonder

Have you ever thought about honeymooning in New York City?

NYCMain 1024x682 Concrete Jungle of Wonder

Wise women say that sometimes you don’t notice the jewel in your own backyard. Now honeymooning somewhere exotic can be a blast, but we also adore a great city vacation: an eclectic conglomeration of gritty and luxurious, crazy and tame, relaxing and exhausting (in a good way).  We’ve connected with some top NYC vendors to introduce you (or re-introduce you, perhaps) to our own jewel of the East…New York City.

NYC2 1024x682 Concrete Jungle of Wonder

New York can be a terrifying undertaking if left to discover on your own, so we always opt to partner with locals to gain insight and to find what’s “off the beaten path.”  First up, a consummate pro: one of our partners is literally so good, he’s listed on the top 15 on TripAdvisor. His name is Garry, and he knows this city so well, he’s named his brand simply Manhattan Walking Tours.  By the time you’ve completed one of his tours, you’ll have experienced NYC in ways you probably didn’t think was possible.

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