Guest Blogger Spotlight: Food Lover Tour

Wanderable sent Andy Card and his lovely girlfriend, Sachta, on the perfect gastro-experience with Food Lover Tour to experience Tapas, the right way.

Tapas Tour 4 1024x683 Guest Blogger Spotlight: Food Lover Tour

When vacationing in Barcelona, one would be remiss not to experience a tapas tasting in the Catalan capital. Sachta and I only had three days to explore what the city had to offer so it was important that we didn’t waste any of our precious time in the tourist districts eating unauthentic offerings. We decided to try our luck with a tapas tasting tour.

We figured that trusting a local guide and seasoned tapas eater would be our best bet to have a truly authentic tapas experience. We were introduced to a tour guide named Edouard. He has lived in Barcelona for over a decade and leads food tours for a company called Food Lover Tour.  Given that Sachta and I are both in love with food, we were happy to be under the company’s care.

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