What’s your couple style?

1. So you’ve just gotten engaged to your dream guy or girl. Tell us: What was the first thing you fell in love with?

A) To be honest? That body… I know it sounds shallow, but there’s nothing more attractive to me than a guy who knows how to take care of his health!

B) Her laugh made my chest swell the first time I heard it, really. She brings warmth into any room she enters; she’s the dream girl!

C) The first kiss was out of this world. That’s what I remember of those first days — this powerful, instant connection at a level I can’t even put into words.

D) He has a brilliant mind, that was the most important thing. Who doesn’t love that clever banter? Even before he’s had his morning cup of coffee!

E) She has the best taste in everything: from her perfume to her Netflix cue to the wines she selects at dinner, she’s got this incredible, unique sense of style.

F) His spirit of adventure! He can get excited about anything, and he’s always ready to hop on the next plane and head somewhere new. I knew I’d finally found someone who could keep up with me!

2. Wow, sounds like you’ve found a real keeper. Well, you already knew that! So tell us, where’d you two meet?

A) We met at Sierra Club / SoulCycle / out at the park — we were both doing our own thing, and then we started doing it together!

B) College / graduate school / mutual friends – hey, it may not be the most bizarre way to meet but we found each other early!

C) It was a love at first sight situation. We caught eyes across the room at a party and the rest is history.

D) We met at the opening of the James Turrell restrospective. We were both puzzling over the same small glowing box…

E) We were both on the guest list for the opening night of this new mixology lounge. The bar itself wasn’t all that, but no complaints here!

F) We met on OKCupid, but our first date was at Cirque de Soleil, so we like to say we met at the Circus.

3. So what does a typical date night look for the two of you? (Your honeymoon should, after all, be like your Best Date Nights Ever All In A Row!)

A) We like to be outdoors — hiking, kayaking, camping. Right now we’re prepping for our first couples’ marathon!

B) Some of our best dates have been nights we spend cooking these great meals in our kitchen. Nothing like the Food Network and a bottle of wine!

C) Cliches exist for a reason! We love dinner and a movie, like tapas and Casablanca at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

D) Well, when it wasn’t under renovation, SFMoma was our go-to date spot. Now we try and check out the independent galleries in town.

E) Happy hour on a rooftop overlooking the city, followed by a night out dancing. We’re city kids through and through!

F) Surfing lessons, tandem skydiving, America’s Tallest Fastest Roller Coaster — we’re thrill seekers.

4. Alright, different strokes for different folks it seems. Let’s indulge in your dark side for a sec. What would be your honeymoon nightmare?

A) We would hate to be isolated in an all-inclusive resort where we can’t interact with the local culture, and where we might be disturbing the local ecology.

B) We’re not really into stuffy restaurants with snobby waiters and seven different types of water on the menu.

C) I can’t imagine a honeymoon without privacy and a king-sized bed.

D) Room service and romantic comedies: no way.

E) Spending our honeymoon in the middle of nowhere. To us, isolation isn’t not peaceful, it’s boring.

F. We love where we’re from, but the idea of a honeymoon in our hometown doesn’t get us going. We want to go somewhere radically different!

5. Rapid association time! We say “beach,” you say:

A) Windsurfing

B) Picnic

C) Sailing

D) Edward Hopper

E) No thanks…

F) Scuba diving!

6. We know the wedding band’s on your mind… what’s one song you’ve got to hear at the after party?

A) ‘Wouldn’t it be Nice’ The Beach Boys

B) ‘Unchained Melody’ Righteous Brothers

C) ‘It Had to be You’ Ray Charles

D) ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ Frank Sinatra

E) ‘Oh! Darling’ … the Florence & the Machine version

F) ‘Start Me Up’ The Rolling Stones

7. Alright, last question — and don’t worry, it’s an easy one. Which of these movies do you like best? 

A) Into the Wild

B) When Harry Met Sally

C) Titanic

D) Frieda

E) Annie Hall

F) Life in a Day



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