The Low Down on Wanderable’s Pricing

09268dd9c85443773cdcf7e49221e822 The Low Down on Wanderables Pricing

We totally get it. The last thing that you want to worry about is pricing when you’re deciding on a registry. You’re already spending so much on your wedding, so why add even more fees that you didn’t know existed?

We’ve heard your concerns.  We’ve even talked to a few of you, and we are in the process of making a few changes on our site to make our pricing a little bit more clear.

In the meantime, here is the low down on Wanderable’s pricing:

The Basics:

– We are free to set up. This means there is NO initiation fee, and we never charge for our layouts (we have five free ones to choose from).

– You won’t see ads all over your registry – they’re ugly and go against everything we’re about.

– We are the only registry that has over 2,800 curated activities in 189 different cities around the world. These actives hail from our Experience Providers as well as our Travel Concierges who provide all-inclusive itineraries.

– Speaking of our Experience Providers: These are our partners from all over the world that all have 4.5 stars (or more) on TripAdvisor.  Each one is hand selected by our team, is one-of-a-kind, and is really what Wanderable is known for. These guys are our ‘bread and butter.’ We’ve literally done all the research for you– just click and add.

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So, if you decide to add our Experience Provider items to your registry…

– There are 0 fees (because we love you and our partners)

– We guarantee that we have the lowest price for curated travel online. If you find something lower, we’ll match it.

– Since our Experience Providers are all top-notch and vetted by our team to begin with, you know you’re in great hands. We value customer service and making our couples have the time of their lives– so if anything goes wrong, just let us know and we’ll take care if it.

 The Low Down on Wanderables Pricing

If you just want cash, or want to use Wanderable as a Cash fund…

– Although we would love for you to experience everything we have to offer with our wonderful partners, the reality is we can’t always offer everything (trips to the moon are T.B.D).  That is why we have a cash fund option as well, which allows you to add your own items or experiences to your registry.

– For the cash fund, there is a 2.5% service fee, which covers our cost of transferring the funds to you.  If you want to keep fees down, go with our Experience Providers!

– There are 0 fees if your guest wants to send you cash or a check. That’s just money into your pocket, we would never skim from that.

Your guests will encounter a 2.5% credit card fee when they go to check out. Like traffic in LA or rain in Seattle, this fee is unfortunately unavoidable, but ours is the lowest in the industry (some other registries have this as high as 7.5%!) #Outrageous.

We also allow you to absorb any and all fees for your guests if you would like. We of course accept international forms of payment.

Hope this clears up any confusion! If you have more questions, leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to answer-or you can always email us at