Where to Wander When: Beach Edition

Weather can have a huge impact on any vacation, and since you only get one honeymoon, you want to plan around it carefully. While an occasional downpour may give you two an excuse to cuddle up in your bungalow, you don’t want to be trapped indoors for your entire stay and miss out on all the activities you have been dreaming up on Wanderable. To¬†help you get started with your beach honeymoon destination planning, here are our picks for where to wander when.


 Where to Wander When: Beach Edition

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica stays driest between December and April, so January is a great time to head to Central America and enjoy this lush, tropical rainforest covered country without too much rain.

Avoid: While the country’s “green season” from May to November is a beautiful time of year, it takes a lot of rainfall to get everything so green. Serious sun seekers should steer clear.

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