5 Exciting Mini-Moon Destinations for 2017

Mini-moons have emerged as a popular honeymoon alternative for newlyweds in recent years. Ideal for those with budget limitations, timing constraints, or little vacation time set aside, a mini-moon will still enable couples to embark on an unforgettable honeymoon for a few days or long weekend, even if it’s not Paris or Hawaii. Here are five destinations to put on your list in 2017.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris and Venice may be far away, but you can still get a little taste of them in Vegas. Think luxury, endless entertainment, world-class gambling (if that’s your thing) and great food. Keep in mind that the summer heat brings cheaper prices.

Book your room at Encore Resort, truly a fantastic property across the board. Starting at 745 square feet, rooms are spacious and well-appointed. Service is attentive without being obtrusive. All the while, between the acclaimed 18-hole golf course and heated pools surrounded by gorgeous gardens, the amenities are terrific.

Quebec City, Canada

Expect old-world charm and European-like ambiance in this historic capital city. As the only completely walled city in North America, Quebec is absolutely enchanting and easily one of the most romantic cities on the continent. Meander down cobblestone streets in the Old Town, which consists of two distinct sections filled with lovely cafes, specialty stores, galleries, and unique shopping destinations.

Stay in a historic B&B in the Old Town or go for a contemporary boutique property downtown such as Auberge Le Vincent. Either way, you can expect an extraordinary and most romantic trip to one of North America’s oldest cities.

North Fork, New York

Less than two hours from Manhattan, the North Fork region of eastern Long Island is a go-to locale for food and wine activities. For starters, look to sample recent vintages at notable wineries such as Macari Vineyards and Croteaux Vineyards. Next, spend an afternoon browsing local farm stands like Briermere Farms before exploring miles of coastline and marshes via kayak at Eagle’s Neck Paddling Company. Be sure to pack along your produce selections for a memorable picnic. Make your home base in Greenport, a historic and charming port town filled with fine restaurants, shops, and fun detours like Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.

Drop your bags at Jedediah Hawkins Inn, a charming luxury inn surrounded by 22 acres of gardens and farmland.

Miami Beach, Florida

Beautiful beaches, perfect weather and its desirable Latin flair are all reasons that Miami is the perfect tropical oasis couples can escape to after the big day. Consider a stay in the heart of South Beach and if time permits, rent a car and drive a few hours south where you’ll find yourselves in the great Florida Keys.

Palm Springs, California

Situated at the base of the majestic San Jacinto Mountains and about two hours from L.A., Palm Springs is a unique year-round destination. In addition to its well-preserved village atmosphere, the town boasts numerous galleries, boutique shopping, fine dining, and stylish accommodations. With about 350 days of sunshine per year, this is an ultimate mini-moon spot for sun-seekers. It’s also an ideal home base for exploring Joshua Tree National Park, just a 35-mile drive from town.


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ImagineAsia: A Hidden Gem Situation

ImagineAsia and Wanderable have created four customized itineraries, just for you.

1 red boats

Have you ever been gotten lost in your own city, wandered down a cobblestone alley and ended up in a little shop? It has no sign on it, but you see intriguing jewels in the window, so you head in and end up finding the necklace that will soon become your everyday staple; your good- luck charm.

Well, ImagineAsia is the travel equivalent of this little daydream. A complete white-glove luxury service, they plan your entire trip, tailored to the vibe and focus you want. Every moment of your travels, espeically its energy and aesthetic, is tailored to your desires.  The thing that’s magical about ImagineAsia is “ ‘forty-five minutes here and back on the bus’ is not part of [their] vernacular, nor will it be part of your travel experience.”

3 elephants

For the nervous traveler, they leave absolutely nothing to chance: the company is off-the-beaten-path and small enough that they care about each traveler on a human level. They have no social media presence, and we only found them ourselves through word-of-mouth raving of their stellar approach and attitude. We also love their hipster mentality of traveling: “Our experts have lived and traveled throughout Asia since 1982. We know where to go years before the crowds arrive.”

Their guides are cool locals, not wannabe ex-pats, and they travel with you as much or as little as you desire. It’s a new thing for us to offer a complete pre-designed trip, rather than relying on you to be your own honeymoon architect. It’s because we really trust and love these guys.

4 schoolgirls

Together, we have designed four gorgeous trips for you, and they are all in the Kingdom of Thailand (a.k.a. paradise).

The first is Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Phuket, where you can gaze at Buddhist temples, adopt an elephant, and learn how to cook like a Thai Nigella Lawson.

2 solo boat

The second trip is Bangkok Golden Triangle & Phuket, with focus on roaming city streets after a stop at the mythical Emerald Buddha.

The third is Bangkok & Koh Samui, a chance to catch up on some history…and then hop back into the present, shopping for keepsakes & snorkeling in lagoons.

The fourth option is Bangkok & Khao Lak, where you’ll indulge in a culinary taste fest then hop on a boat for Thai music & dancing. ImagineAsia appeals to the different travelers within each of us…the student-at-heart, the food lover, the art groupie, and the overworked A-type.

Eleven days of bliss tending to each of these hungry parts of my heart, and I think I’d feel like a brave new human. Which of these trips appeals to you most? Leave your musings in the comments section below, and let’s continue the conversation.

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Fly Away Home: Travel Essentials

Travel essentials where chic & cozy meet and fall in love.


Being on a plane for hours doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be a chance to truly escape, to be contained in a pod of comfy bliss and catch up on little activities, surrounded by hip gadgets & creature comforts. Check out a few of our our tried-and-true travel essentials, and get addicted to flying Wanderable-style.


1. Cover Up: With a blanket-sized scarf that’ll morph into an international symbol of sophistication when you step off the plane. Check out the wanderlust-inspired prints by Theodora & Callum. The best part: they show you a bunch of different ways to wear.  

2. Speed Up: If you travel quite a bit, it might be worth it to jump on the CLEAR train, a membership that gives you expedited security for one year.

3. Drink Up: Made from teakwood, this bottle by S’well will stop you from buying $6 water bottles all over Europe. But don’t bring it full on the plane, obviously.

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So You’ve Just Gotten Engaged? Let the Adventures Begin!

If you’re one of the lucky people who got a ring for the holidays, congratulations! There’s no feeling in the world quite like finding the person you want to spend your life with — the face you want to wake up to every morning, the voice you want in your head when you fall asleep every night, the person you want by your side as you go through every trial and joy this world will bring.

Deciding to marry someone is choosing your co-pilot, and we’re so happy you’ve come here to figure out where you’re going to jet off to first. Because yes, the butterflies at the beginning and the thrill of realizing someone is meant for you and that indescribable, glittering alchemy taking place on your left hand right now: all of that’s wonderful, all of that’s rare. But now’s when the really exciting part happens. Yes, you’ve got family and friends to update, photos of your ring to Instagram, and — of course — a wedding to plan, and all the chaos that entails. But that’s the prelude: when the rings have been exchanged and the rice has been thrown, that’s when your journey takes off.

Here at Wanderable, we believe that your honeymoon is the perfect time to set the tone for the adventure that will be your life together as husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife. Co-pilots.


That vow isn’t just a vow to love each other in sickness and in health, it’s a vow to love each other on every continent you’ll visit, to care for each other through every journey, across every sea — starting with your honeymoon!

We’re here to help you figure out the perfect first adventure as a married couple. Whether you and your special someone have been dating for years or just met last month, whether you’ve already traveled across Asia together or you’ve never left your city, whether you want a tri-country one-month extravaganza or a long-weekend road trip, your honeymoon will be different from any trip you’ve taken so far: it will be the first time you see the world through the eyes of two people who’ve promised to love each other for life.

Growing up, my mom always said, “The man you marry should be the man you can travel the whole world with.” So get excited, because you’ve found yours, and sure, you’ve got in-laws to get along with, invitations to address, seating arrangements to negotiate, cakes to taste, and dresses to fit into. But the gift registry and the honeymoon and the thank you notes? That’s the fun part, and here at Wanderable, we’ve got you covered.


Your loved ones want to give you a gift that really matters; and while china chips and silver tarnishes, that first trip you take as a married couple is something that’ll stay bright in your memories, for life. A dream honeymoon is a gift worth giving, and worth asking for. Wanderable will be your guide through the honeymoon registry process, and this blog will be your one-stop place to get ideas for that first journey. We’ll help you figure out your special couple honeymoon style, find the hidden gems on the map, offer tips about how to keep your trip luxurious and affordable, share real-life honeymoon stories, and go over all the etiquette details about honeymoon gift registries. Take a deep breath. It’s all really happening, and we’re here to help.

So on your special day, you’ll give a knowing grin when your friends say “This is the happiest day of your life!” Because you’ll know the honeymoon’s still yet to come, and this is just the beginning, a happiest day to be surpassed by all the happiest days to come.

Let’s make that first trip magical. Welcome to the Wanderable blog.

Bed & Breakfasts We Love

Have you considered staying at a bed and breakfast for your honeymoon or wedding night? At Wanderable we love the personalized service and local flavor of staying in B&Bs, and when it comes to choosing one, we love the selections on bedandbreakfast.com. Below we’ve selected five B&Bs that feature luxurious amenities and personal touches, set in locations that are perfect for romance. Enjoy!

Wine Country Inn – Saint Helena, California


Perfect for: Foodies and wine lovers. Spend your days exploring wine country, visiting wineries, hiking in state parks and eating at fantastic restaurants.

Why we love it: Perched on a knoll overlooking a vineyard, this property features stunning views and gorgeous grounds. Rooms feature local antiques, family made quilts, fireplaces and balconies to create an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort. Learn more.

Hale Puka ‘ana – Kekaha, Hawaii


Perfect for: Beach and nature lovers. Visit the rain forests of Koke’e and Waimea Canyon national parks, explore the Napali Coast and lounge on the longest white sand beach in Hawaii.

Why we love it: Set feet from the beach, this B&B lets you enjoy Hawaii away from the crowds. Rooms feature high thread count bed linens and private lanais (verandas) for sunset gazing and whale watching. Learn more.

Addison on Amelia – Fernandina Beach, Florida


Perfect for: Beach bums, golfers, and hikers. Amelia Island has white sand beaches, maritime forests, treed marshlands, three nearby state parks and numerous golf courses.

Why we love it: Nestled in a historic seaside village, this historical property marries ‘old Florida’ elegance with luxe modern amenities. Rooms feature tall ceilings, four-poster beds, rich hardwood floors, luxurious bed linens and lots of large down-filled pillows. Learn more.

The Ruby of Crested Butte – Crested Butte, Colorado


Perfect for: Nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, and snow bunnies. Whatever the season, Crested Butte has a plethora of activities on tap: fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, skiing and snowboarding.

Why we love it: This gorgeous mountain lodge is surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds with unobstructed views of Mount Crested Butte. Rooms feature spectacular views, luxurious 1000 thread count linens, antique furnishings and thoughtful details, enveloping guests in exceptional comfort. Learn more.

The Governor’s Inn – Charleston, South Carolina

gov house

Perfect for: Romance lovers. Horse drawn carriages, trees draped in Spanish moss, cobblestone streets and legendary southern hospitality make Charleston an ideal honeymoon destination.

Why we love it: Situated in the heart of historic Charleston, this pre-revolution mansion is rich in history and glamour. Rooms feature crystal chandeliers, family antiques, four-poster beds, original hardwood floors, whirlpool baths and private porches. Bliss. Learn more.