How to Keep your Honeymoon Stress Free


Travel inherently has the potential for being stressful, even if that travel is to celebrate one of the greatest occasions in life. Here are Wanderable’s tips to keep your honeymoon as happy and as tension-free as possible.

Do your research:  Are you going abroad or staying domestic? Whether you need to construct travel itineraries or get vaccinations and passports in order, do your research and plan accordingly. Planning in advance will help to avoid unnecessary stresses along the way.

Book or at least plan local transportation:  If you plan well enough, then you’ll have more time to enjoy your destination. Find a hotel that is within walking distance of the local attractions or figure out the transportation details beforehand! Depending on where you’re headed, you may need to research buses, trains, flights, boats, or even ferries.

Consider travel insurance:  A wedding and a honeymoon can be two of the most costly experiences a couple will have. It’s wise to at least consider buying travel insurance, in case of an unexpected emergency such as a natural disaster, illness, etc. Weigh the pros and cons and decide if travel insurance makes sense for you. It can be especially helpful if you are going abroad or buying an all-inclusive trip.

Pack as lightly as possible:  We know it’s your honeymoon and you want to look good, but no traveler has ever said, “I wish I were lugging more stuff around.”

Pack snacks:  If there is one thing we have learned through our own travels, it’s that a hungry traveler is a grumpy traveler. Don’t let your blood-sugar highs and lows mess up your mood; always be prepared when you set out for the day and bring simple things to munch on.

Bring a daypack:  Daypacks come in all different shapes and sizes, from a hip leather satchel to a not-so-hip fanny pack. Daypacks help you prepare for the unexpected. It is always convenient to have an extra sweater, an umbrella, some snacks, a camera, a drink or two, and any other necessities. Before you leave the hotel, pack anything that might come in handy in case you decide you want to spend the entire day out and about.

Take it all in and stay present:  The wedding is over and you have nothing to stress about. Put work and home-life aside and relax. Even if you have the most demanding job on the planet, this is a time when everything else should fall away. Turn off your cellphones and your laptops and completely disconnect.

Don’t worry about schedules or hiccups along the way. Most of all, just sit back and enjoy one another’s company. There’s truly nothing more important than that.

Friday’s Five

We read a lot of different sources for travel and wedding inspiration each week. And while many of you may already follow us on twitter and facebook, you might not catch all our amazing discoveries. In that vein we’ve decided to share the five best things we’ve discovered in the past week. Things we think will help with your wedding or honeymoon planning, inspire you to travel, or something that just caught our eye. We’d love your feedback – or if you spot something we should be reading, please share!

(image via Entouriste)

If you need help selecting a honeymoon destination or simply enjoy great travel photos, we’d suggest exploring Entouriste’s blog or following them on Facebook. They are our newest travel obsession! Check out these fantastic posts for the South of France/Italy  and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Every day we share a travel tip on twitter. Some days we want someone else’s perspective on traveling, so we googled ‘travel tips’ and stumbled upon these amazing and hilarious travel tips from the Everywhereist.

This week we discovered 100 Layer Cake’s ‘Color Stories,’ and we’re in love. If you are in the process of choosing your wedding’s palette, we’d kindly suggest you check these out.

(image via 100 Layer Cake)

Do you know about goop? We’ve been receiving their newsletter for a while and think they have amazing travel advice. We’ve got a couple long flights coming up and are going to use these tips for flying better.

Want to get your honey more involved in the wedding planning process? Have him start following The Man Registry on twitter. Not only do they post great advice, it is aimed at the groom, a rare thing to find in wedding media.

Have a great weekend!