How to Pamper on your Honeymoon


Your honeymoon should be a time of pampering, for both parties. Here are some of our favorite ways to lavish love and attention on one another.

Turn up the romance all the way with special details in the hotel room. Have bouquets of flowers in the room when you arrive or leave petals on the floor and bed. A jacuzzi tub is always a nice upgrade to a hotel room and a nice way to relax. Line the the tub with candles and rose petals.

Get a limousine or private town-car service to take you around. Take cabs, rather than deal with public transportation.

Do something healthy and relaxing together. Get couples massages, facials, do partner yoga, or take a private yoga class on the beach. Add an extra twist to one of your outdoor adventures. If you’re going for a hike, pre-set a  picnic on the hiking trail.

Take your dining experiences to the next level. Have registrations set at the restaurant before you get there and surprise him or her with a serenade of “your song”. Treat yourselves to a dinner cruise with live jazz, go out for fondue and enjoy a bottle of fine wine, order room-service and eat dinner on your balcony, or have breakfast in bed.

Buy each other special souvenirs when the other is not looking. There are always those pieces that catch your eye, whether it be a piece of jewelry or art or clothing. Something that you see and love but don’t think you should spend the money on. Surprise your husband/wife and purchase it for them, when they are unaware.