So You’ve Just Gotten Engaged? Let the Adventures Begin!

If you’re one of the lucky people who got a ring for the holidays, congratulations! There’s no feeling in the world quite like finding the person you want to spend your life with — the face you want to wake up to every morning, the voice you want in your head when you fall asleep every night, the person you want by your side as you go through every trial and joy this world will bring.

Deciding to marry someone is choosing your co-pilot, and we’re so happy you’ve come here to figure out where you’re going to jet off to first. Because yes, the butterflies at the beginning and the thrill of realizing someone is meant for you and that indescribable, glittering alchemy taking place on your left hand right now: all of that’s wonderful, all of that’s rare. But now’s when the really exciting part happens. Yes, you’ve got family and friends to update, photos of your ring to Instagram, and — of course — a wedding to plan, and all the chaos that entails. But that’s the prelude: when the rings have been exchanged and the rice has been thrown, that’s when your journey takes off.

Here at Wanderable, we believe that your honeymoon is the perfect time to set the tone for the adventure that will be your life together as husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife. Co-pilots.


That vow isn’t just a vow to love each other in sickness and in health, it’s a vow to love each other on every continent you’ll visit, to care for each other through every journey, across every sea — starting with your honeymoon!

We’re here to help you figure out the perfect first adventure as a married couple. Whether you and your special someone have been dating for years or just met last month, whether you’ve already traveled across Asia together or you’ve never left your city, whether you want a tri-country one-month extravaganza or a long-weekend road trip, your honeymoon will be different from any trip you’ve taken so far: it will be the first time you see the world through the eyes of two people who’ve promised to love each other for life.

Growing up, my mom always said, “The man you marry should be the man you can travel the whole world with.” So get excited, because you’ve found yours, and sure, you’ve got in-laws to get along with, invitations to address, seating arrangements to negotiate, cakes to taste, and dresses to fit into. But the gift registry and the honeymoon and the thank you notes? That’s the fun part, and here at Wanderable, we’ve got you covered.


Your loved ones want to give you a gift that really matters; and while china chips and silver tarnishes, that first trip you take as a married couple is something that’ll stay bright in your memories, for life. A dream honeymoon is a gift worth giving, and worth asking for. Wanderable will be your guide through the honeymoon registry process, and this blog will be your one-stop place to get ideas for that first journey. We’ll help you figure out your special couple honeymoon style, find the hidden gems on the map, offer tips about how to keep your trip luxurious and affordable, share real-life honeymoon stories, and go over all the etiquette details about honeymoon gift registries. Take a deep breath. It’s all really happening, and we’re here to help.

So on your special day, you’ll give a knowing grin when your friends say “This is the happiest day of your life!” Because you’ll know the honeymoon’s still yet to come, and this is just the beginning, a happiest day to be surpassed by all the happiest days to come.

Let’s make that first trip magical. Welcome to the Wanderable blog.

Tips for adding items to your Wanderable registry

You have a honeymoon registry but now you are stumped with what to put on it. Never fear! Here is our guide to the most popular items to include on your registry.


Destination: Anywhere! These gifts are popular no matter where Wanderers are honeymooning….

Welcome Drinks: Kick off your honeymoon with a bottle of champagne or wine!

Couple’s Massage: Wanderers’ favorite way to unwind after the stress of planning their dream wedding.

Luggage: What better time than your honeymoon to upgrade to matching His and Hers cases?

Camera: Capture every memory and moment with a new camera. Don’t forget the charger!

Romantic Dinner: No honeymoon would be complete without a couple of dinners over candlelight.

Picnic Time: One can never go wrong with a romantic picnic. Indulge in a picnic of cheese, bread, some of your other favorite antipasti, and a bottle of wine.

Flight Upgrade: Make even your journey unforgettable with first or business class upgrades.

Destination: Hawaii or anywhere beachy!

Cocktails on the Beach: Seaside sunsets are best paired with a couple of cheeky drinks.

Helicopter tour: It seems like every Wanderer headed to Hawaii wants to catch sight of one of the islands from above, on this unforgettable tour.

Snorkeling: A day spent exploring the coral reefs will make for some amazing memories.

Destination: Europe

Gelato: Headed to Italy? Whatever you do, don’t skip this decadent treat. It truly is better in Italy.

Wine tasting: Europe presents the perfect opportunity to try some fantastic wines with your honey.

Museum Admission: Paris presents fantastic chances to see world class art. The most popular, by far, is for the Musee d’Orsay.