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These days, it’s so easy to book a vacation package anywhere you want in the world. But at Wanderable, we don’t simply believe in cookie-cutter trips. We crave travel that truly reveals the culture of a new destination. Wanderable aims to inspire fellow travelers by finding the world’s travel gems – meaningful and customized experiences fueled by wanderlust.

These are aims shared by our newest partner, See Italy. See Italy is a unique travel agency headed by Laura Massoni that caters specifically to those looking for trips to Italy in order to experience the authentic Italian way of life. Laura’s team is composed of genuine Italian guides, each a local expert in a particular region in Italy. See Italy’s passion is creating hand-crafted itineraries that will introduce you to the real Italy, not the Italy of your mass-produced travel guide.

Here are our favorite details from past trips that Laura and her team have crafted for other travelers who crave Italian adventures (you can discover more experiences at

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See Italy partners with accommodations located in historical and beautiful buildings positioned in the thick of cities like Rome. These modern yet charming hotels will put you right in the center of Italian life and culture.

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It’s easy to tour places like the Vatican, but See Italy will set you up with local guides so you have an insider’s look. After your exclusive tour, you can explore the area to find the best under-the-radar cafes to unwind with a frothy cappuccino or a heavenly slice of pizza.


If you’re a more independent travel, See Italy can also design a self-drive itinerary for you. From stays in charming hotels in the Italian countryside to private cooking classes in Rome to gondola rides in Venice, every detail of your trip can be built around your desires. You’ll discover what it feels like to fully immerse yourself in the golden sunshine of Italy.

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Laura once described See Italy to us as the “Slow Food” specialists of travel. Isn’t this a great philosophy to embrace traveling in Italy? Like the creamy gelato, fresh pasta, and rich wine that you’re sure to savor in Italy Italy, your See Italy trip is meant to be relished with the one you love.

Whether your Italian dreams are tucked away in a tiny cafe in Rome or perched in an airy hotel on the cliffs of Cinque Terre, See Italy will work hard to design a trip for you complete with fresh meals, memorable walks, and a hearty dose of Italian culture.

We’re ready to book our next tickets to experience one of See Italy’s hand-curated itineraries! Are you? Follow your bliss and discover more opportunities to live your Italian dream at


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