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Ditch the trad and go for the rad: Introducing a new bridal line, Aideux

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We are always on the lookout for new friends in the wedding world. One of our personal favorite (and brand new, we might add) bridal lines is the utterly chic Aideux (pronounced “I do”). This is no ordinary bridal line. The talented designers, Lucy and Aileen have created incredibly unique wedding dresses, sold as separates, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for the most important dress you’ll ever wear. With Aideux, you get to pick and choose your faves so your dress suits you, not the other way around. Also, the best part is, unlike other bridal lines, Aideux prides themselves on being able to wear your dress again and again after your special day! We were lucky enough to get the chance to interview Lucy and Aileen in the midst of all the craziness that is fashion week.

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What inspired you to become involved in this industry? Was it something you always dreamed of or something you just fell into?

Lucy: I’ve always loved making and designing clothes, and as a true romantic, designed my first wedding dress for a friend right after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. I then landed my dream job as part of the Ralph Lauren Collection design team in New York.

Aileen: Personally, I have always been drawn to the behind the scenes, business aspect of fashion. As someone who aspired to be an artist as a child, I have an appreciation for craftsmanship and technique. I studied at NYU, followed by a short stint in finance, before finding my groove in fashion at marc jacobs, in retail strategy and financial planning. Bridalwear is really the pinnacle of all that – a blend of romance rooted in reality, craftsmanship and quality at its finest.

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How did the concept of Aideux come to be?

While living here, we had so many friends falling in love and wanting to get married. When it came time to find their dress for the special day, they had such a hard time finding one that they felt reflected them – for all that they were. Here we’re smart, strong, successful women who were ambitious, eager to change the world and make it a better place. Sadly, the dresses they found seemed to be too one-dimensional, frilly, princessy. The dresses were disconnected from women’s lives. They did not reflect and could not adapt to the multi-dimensional, empowered woman.

What should have been a joyful, personal opportunity to find a dress that fit them perfectly and reflected them authentically, became a stressful, discouraging experience for friends. Why couldn’t they find a dress that reflected the person their friends, family, and fiancé knew and loved? We knew that we wanted to create something different to meet their need.

When Lucy and I met, we immediately recognized our complementary skills and experiences. Through our friendship and different personalities, we saw an opportunity to create a new kind of wedding apparel, one that would resonate with real, modern women. With that, Aideux was born.

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What is the philosophy behind Aideux and how does it differ from a traditional wedding dress designer?

Our philosophy is to create wedding wear that empowers the woman to choose their vision. We want our pieces to inspire unique style choices. How amazing was Olivia Palermo with her sweater and tulle skirt on her wedding day, a look that perfectly showcased her personality?

We create dresses that can be fully customizable, offering brides the chance to tailor their look to perfectly represent who they are, beyond accessories.We know that every single bride is multi-faceted and unique. So, we are the first bridal line to offer only separates, allowing each bride to choose creatively how to pair the top and the bottom with our pieces or even their own, to seamlessly fit her vision, her taste, her body, and most importantly, her story.

The garments are constructed from the finest hand-selected silks, and made locally in New York. We personally oversee and attend to every detail in the process from start to completion. Each dress feels luxurious, chic and elegant for the bride’s wedding, but can be transformed into a reception piece, is also available for mixing and matching to a black tie event, or night out on the town after the wedding toasts have ended. As we like to say, we are for your special day, and all the days after!

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What do you love most about being a wedding dress designer? What challenges do you tend to face?

Lucy: My concept for creating this collection sparked me to think outside of the box. I wanted to have all pieces match each other and it like was a puzzle to solve. Influences from my travels played a big part in designing them, and I love to challenge myself by incorporating the emotions I felt during those experiences into my designs.

Aileen: The world is changing and it is exciting to be a part of it. New attitudes about women – in the workplace, family, and world – offer us an opportunity to innovate in the wedding industry. Women have more opportunities than ever before; because of that, so many women no longer feel that the typical, “princess storyline” resonates with their goals and dreams when there are multitudes of storylines that she could write for herself. Aideux meets these changes by offering wedding apparel that allows each bride to customize a look that reflects her authentic, empowered self, exactly as she is.

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Switching gears, what is your favorite place you have ever traveled?

Aileen: Iceland blew me away! The ever-changing landscapes, the freedom and isolation, the adorable sheep everywhere. Normally I have a hard time camping (and this is so cheesy), but being outdoors under the stars surrounded by such exotic landscape, I felt like I was a part of something grander and more beautiful.

Lucy: Hands down to Iceland. Everything that Aileen says about Iceland is true. It is such an inspirational place. As a designer, I have always been inspired by the designs that nature creates and they were everywhere to be found. Also, even though I’ve been living in the city for quite some time now, I have always been a nature girl over a city girl. Last year I had the privilege to travel to Iceland with my two roommates (one being Aileen) and it was life-changing.


What’s next on your bucket list?

Aileen: I would like to explore more of home sweet home so I’m heading to Portland, Oregon next!

Lucy: There are so many places I would love to see… If I have to choose, I would hope New Zealand is next for me.


What are you feeling/loving right now?

Aileen: Feeling excited about the launch of our brand new website! After working for so many months, we cannot wait to show our new collection to the world.

Lucy: Loving the positive vibes we’ve been receiving from other wedding industry startups! It’s encouraging to see how others are also innovating in this space.

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If you could choose one of our Wanderable experiences (we have over 2,500!) which one would it be and why?

Wanderable is such an amazing concept. I think spending time together is the best gift you can give to someone, and Wanderable takes that ability to a whole new level. If we could choose, we would go on the Ireland experience because of its hauntingly beautiful landscapes, cliffs, and, of course, the whiskey.


It’s pretty easy to see why we are so in love with this timeless bridal attire. It is the perfect solution for every bride who wants a dress to perfectly suit her style. Make sure to take a peek at the other incredible options that Aileen and Lucy have designed and say “I do” with Aideux. We know we will.


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