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We cannot wait to announce our partnership with The Bach, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Manhattan Walking Tours, On Location Tours, and The New York Nightlife to give away an incredible New York City bachelorette party for 8!

Here’s what’s included:

– A 1-hour bachelorette planning session with Joanne Barken, CEO of The Bach

– A Sex and the City Hot Spot Tour from On Location Tours

– A VIP Nightclub Experience from The New York Nightlife

– A Times Square Walking Tour from Manhattan Walking Tours

– A $400 voucher for a ladies luncheon or dinner from The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Goodie bags provided by The Bach and The Big Fat Indian Wedding

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Here’s what you need to know:

The Bach is an online resource that provides classy bachelorette party ideas, curated venue recommendations, and the tools necessary to simplify the planning process. The Bach will be offering a 1-hour bachelorette planning session with Joanne Barken, the CEO, as well as goodie bags.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding is a South Asian wedding inspiration blog to help brides and grooms plan their wedding, help guests navigate the cultural world of South Asia, and inspire wedding lovers. The Big Fat Indian Wedding will be offering a $400 voucher for a ladies luncheon or dinner, as well as goodie bags!

Manhattan Walking Tours was created to give the NYC sightseeing tour an advantage over the tour bus. Manhattan Walking Tours will be providing a Times Square Walking Tour to show you the best kept secrets of this famous NYC attraction.

The New York Nightlife is the leading promotional company of choice for New York’s fashion and entertainment industries, with a large focus on tourism. The New York Nightlife will be offering a VIP Nightclub Experience so you and your ladies can have the time of your lives in the City That Never Sleeps

On Location Tours is one of the world’s largest TV and movie tour companies. Their tours feature sites from the hottest and latest on the big and small screen. On Location Tours will be providing a Sex and the City Hot Spots Tour so you can get a peek into the fabulous lives of the Fab Four.

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Top 5 Things to Do in New York City

A true New Yorker at heart, Maddy Douglass of Ginger & The Fizz shares her top 5 favorite things to do in New York City. 


 Maddy enjoying a coffee in the city that never sleeps.

I know, I know – not another list, right? But this one is a legitimate, friend-curated, New Yorker-approved list of things to do and eat if you have a quick two or three days in the Big Apple coming up! You probably already know by now that you can’t see everything in New York on a shorter (or even sometimes lengthier) excursion, so you’ve got to prioritize – and, if we’re being honest, the Statue of Liberty probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Make the most of the exhibits and restaurants that are around now and you won’t regret a single subway swipe (or cab ride) across the island.


 A close-up of the Guggenheim Museum’s iconic building.

1. The Guggenheim Museum

If the Met is the prom queen, the Guggenheim is her slightly hipster younger sister. Wander in and out of the galleries on each floor (when I was there I saw Indian tapestries and Kandinskys in addition to the main exhibit: On Kawara – Silence ) while making your way up the spiraling center concourse to the very top. This Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building is a must see for the architecture alone, although they always have great exhibits going on too. After you’ve had your fill, head down the street to the Neue Galerie’s Café Sabarsky for a sumptuous hot chocolate (or an iced coffee depending on the time of year), or go to Luke’s nearby for a hunger-quelling lobster roll.

And if you still want to see what The Metropolitan Museum of Art has to offer, it’s right down the street as well!


 Bagels and lox at Russ & Daughters, the perfect breakfast.

2. Russ & Daughters Café

Russ and Daughters has long been known as the go to place for fresh bagels, lox, and any other “appetizing” needs you might have (appetizing: most commonly known as “the food one eats with bagels,” like smoked and cured salmon, salads, etc.)

Luckily for, well, everyone on the planet, they’ve recently opened a café a few short blocks from their original location that serves up an incredible variety of traditional Jewish dishes – some of my favorites where the chopped liver and the latkes – all for the small proverbial price of a sometimes lengthy line. If you go around 10am, there should be no problem getting in under twenty minutes.

If you’re still interested in exploring the East Village after your brunch, try grabbing a cup of broth at Brodo on 12th and meandering through the little side streets.


Reynard will redefine how you do brunch.

3. Reynard restaurant in the Wythe Hotel (also: Mast Brothers Chocolate)

If you’re looking for a lunch or dinner that is a bit more upscale, Reynard in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg can’t be beat. Their brunch menu (which included French toast with duck confit on my visit) is pleasantly original, and their dinner hour can be easily followed up by a trip to the rooftop bar to see the Manhattan skyline across the water. Built in what was originally an old warehouse, the dining areas perfectly demonstrate this blend of refined style and traditional architecture, making a meal here an event for the eyes as well as the, well, stomach.

If you go midday, be sure to check out the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory a few short blocks away. You can walk in to their show room to get a small peak of their factory process and buy some brightly colored bars for the trip home, or you can buy tickets in advance (they sell out at least a week ahead) to their actual factory tour.


 The chocolate display at Mast Brothers Chocolate: heaven!

4. Golden Unicorn/Chinatown dumplings

Ready to go back to Manhattan? Head to Chinatown to get Shanghai dumplings (also known as soup dumplings, those delectable little bits that have savory broth inside the dumpling and deliver it straight to your senses with every bite) at Golden Unicorn, one of the best known dim sum places in the city.

If you don’t have time for a full sit down meal, head to Chinatown and wander down Canal street for a gander at the sights and sounds of authentic Asian fare. Pick up a few (or a whole bag of) steamed dumplings in any one of the shops and take them back to your hotel or hostel or friend’s apartment for a comforting, easy dinner. My favorites are the steamed pork buns, pan fried chicken buns, and sesame balls with marzipan inside for dessert!


 A classy cocktail at Refinery Rooftop bar.

5. Refinery Rooftop for drinks in Midtown

If you’re looking for somewhere nice but comfortable for evening or after dinner drinks, there’s no better place than Refinery Rooftop bar atop the Refinery Hotel in Midtown. The covered rooftop ensures that the panoramic views of the city (including an up close and personal look at the Empire State Building) are available to you year-round, and the rustic décor and exposed brick ensures that you feel cozy and comfortable regardless of how snow-covered the patio is just outside the bar. Oversized outdoor light bulbs are strung up across the ceiling, adding a romantic and celestial feel to bar’s atmosphere – and their drinks are just the icing on the cake. I personally loved the hot Chef’s cider (similar to a hot toddy), while my drink dates both enjoyed stronger martini cocktails.

If you’re looking to stay in Manhattan, check out Refinery Hotel just below – that’s one way to ensure you’ll make it to the rooftop bar during your visit!


 The view from the top of Refinery Hotel is surreal.

Regardless of where you go or stay, New York City always casts a spell over its visitors, ensuring that you never feel like you’ve gotten your fill of this city. Hopefully these places will offer enough of a taste that you’ll want to keep going back!


Maddy navigating the streets like a pro.

With these tried-and-true suggestions from Maddy, we can’t wait for our next trip to New York City! All the iconic art, amazing food, and beautiful views are calling. 


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Cool As A Cucumber: Indulging in the Refined Tastes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“I think you create your own hipness.” – Singer/Songwriter Peabo Bryson


Ahhh, Williamsburg: the world capital of rooftop gardens, abstract geometric tattoos, and artisanal espresso drinks. There are many neighborhoods all over the planet that attempt to emulate it, but Williamsburg is the real deal.  No imitators can compete with the effortless swagger of this painfully artistic hood. You’ll walk around holding hands with your best friend & lover and gaze at the lanky bohemian spirits in a universe where shaving is totally optional. With all that in mind, we’re grateful to announce to you our new partnerships with Like A Local & Get Up and Ride, two concepts that will infuse the travels of young lovers with the essence of all things Brooklyn.


With Get Up and Ride,  you’ll travel on the hipster’s favored mode of transportation: the bicycle, evergreen in its chicness. One of their masterful guides (there are five) will plan the most romantic bike tours you could possibly imagine, and you’ll see New York in a whole new light.


He’s the consummate pro at spotting great places before they get crowded and right when they’ve just started to sparkle. He’ll take coffee lovers on a pour-over tour and foodies to a brunch taco gem that only houses one table for two.  If you would prefer a cozy evening, Felipe can plan a dinner created by one of his professional chef buddies. The world is your oyster with this relaxed and connected cohort.

Like a Local offers a different and equally fun vibe. They offer a “Sunday Funday” tour which takes you off the beaten path to taste Brooklyn-made products:  craft beer and local wine, authentic BBQ, hand-made chocolate, and…wait for it…extra virgin olive oil ice cream.


While testing out this tour, we met a couple celebrating many years together.  When I asked them why they chose this experience, the gentleman responded, “She may not remember something I gave her, but something we do together, we can remember that forever.” Though you may pick up an artisanal memento or two along the way, that is indeed the distilled essence of Wanderable: Gift Memories, Not Things.


Rock on, Brooklyn.

The Un-Tropical Paradise: Every Couple is an Island

“He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat. Oh, I love this. New York was his town, and it always would be.” Manhattan, Woody Allen


If you’ve been taking a gander at our blog, you’ll notice that we’ve introduced to you a new, weirdly discreet honeymoon destination: New York. We’ve partnered with stellar, one-of-a-kind vendors to offer you trips that manifest our dream urban getaway. In this article we’ll focus on New York’s biggest hit song: Manhattan.

First, we have to ask…have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? We hadn’t, but learned through Tribeca Sailing that it is painlessly accessible by quaint, romantic sailboat. Why join fifty other tourists when you could have your own? David, the skipper, has completely refurbished Tara, one of the finest fiberglass sailing boats ever created.  Bring a picnic onboard, and grow enamored of the NYC skyline in all its divine subtlety.


We also have to take a moment and discuss the cupcake situation happening in New York right now.  As most of us sugar-addicts know, the cupcake became massively popular thanks to Magnolia Bakery. Well, sure enough, the city now has enough eclectic bakeries to create a cupcake crawl (yes, you heard us).  With our sweetest new vendor, Sugartooth Tours, you will visit seven or eight different cupcake shops, each with their own story.  One cupcake might be infused with green tea and mochi, while another may arrive in an actual cup.  Lastly, you will end at a shop that pairs desserts with wine (win).  Sugartooth transcends the trend and goes right for the gut and heart. The most soulful cupcake tour that ever was.


After you’re done stuffing your face with cupcakes, obviously it’s time to go shopping, right? Well, no trip to New York City would be complete without a tour of the Garment District or the advice of a chic personal shopper.  Seek will help you navigate through all of the hippest hidden shops and fashion industry secret spots to search for the perfect outfit.


After window shopping and walking through Macy’s Herald Square, you’ll pop into fabric stores and, with expert assistance, compile materials for an outfit of your own design–you’re basically starring in your own episode of Project Runway.  If you’ve ever wanted to discover the inner workings of this world, Seek is your key to uncovering the ever-changing treasure that is fashion.

nymacys And don’t even get us started on the people-watching in New York (one of our favorite things to do). We could sit at a café staring at the cupcake-loving fashionistas of NoLiTa allll day long. You can thank us when you come back rejuvenated, educated, satiated & bedazzled! We kissed NY, and we liked it. So cheers. To New York.    

Concrete Jungle of Wonder

Have you ever thought about honeymooning in New York City?


Wise women say that sometimes you don’t notice the jewel in your own backyard. Now honeymooning somewhere exotic can be a blast, but we also adore a great city vacation: an eclectic conglomeration of gritty and luxurious, crazy and tame, relaxing and exhausting (in a good way).  We’ve connected with some top NYC vendors to introduce you (or re-introduce you, perhaps) to our own jewel of the East…New York City.


New York can be a terrifying undertaking if left to discover on your own, so we always opt to partner with locals to gain insight and to find what’s “off the beaten path.”  First up, a consummate pro: one of our partners is literally so good, he’s listed on the top 15 on TripAdvisor. His name is Garry, and he knows this city so well, he’s named his brand simply Manhattan Walking Tours.  By the time you’ve completed one of his tours, you’ll have experienced NYC in ways you probably didn’t think was possible.


The International Food Lovers’ Tour (our favorite, for obvious reasons) begins in the twinkling Theater District.  Where some food tours may give you a small 1/16th bite of the delicacy being tried, you’re going to need to show up to this tour on an empty stomach. When you walk in to your first restaurant, you will be greeted by Garry or a member of his family (one of his hand-picked and personally trained tour guides).  Did we mention that Garry will literally become your new best friend in less than 5 minutes?  He is the epitome of a true New Yorker: he has a thick accent, will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and will always put his guests’ interests first.  Because this is a private tour, he will cater his conversation, stopping points, and restaurants to your desires. Talk about Indonesian delicacies, Cajun hushpuppies, doughy margarita pizza and ridiculous cupcake Ice cream sandwiches– whatever you want, Garry will make it happen.


If one tour with Garry isn’t enough (90% of Garry’s customers book a second tour before the first tour is over), you can join him on a tour of the mythical and statuesque Central Park. Even if you’ve visited Central Park before, this is not to be missed.  MWT explores the un-cliché newness of a deceptively hidden city. Garry takes incredible pride in his tours; he is without a doubt your go-to guide for exploring the streets of New York.


It’s weird because, intrinsically, we don’t think of New York as a romantic city…but how many of your favorite romantic movies take place there: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle (kind of), One Fine Day…I could go on and on! I dare you to ponder the bliss of staying domestic and finding the exotic mysticism in America’s own backyard for your honeymoon.


But don’t worry, there’s more where this came from.  Stay tuned over the next few days as we unveil more of our favorite NYC vendors and inspirations. If it’s worth doing in New York, we’ve got you covered.