Your Next Eurotrip with Chic Retreats

The top hotels in Europe are trés chic…here are our favorite picks for your next Eurotrip!

What do you look for when traveling somewhere new? Is it a comfortable atmosphere? Quality service? Spectacular views? Well, you already know all about our obsession with Chic Retreats — and we’re excited to give you a peek inside the luxurious hotels and villas that will be perfect for your next trip to Europe!


The Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini: Expect nothing short of perfection with this stunning, award-winning boutique hotel. One of the most stylish escapes in Santorini, this luxurious hotel will “wow” you with its breathtaking views. Go ahead and try their signature drink: a blend of apple juice, pear puree, lemon juice and premium vodka and just a hint of lemon grass– while taking a dip in the hotel’s brand new infinity pool. Don’t mind if we do!

Insider tip: Go check out Flavors of Santorini while you’re at it and explore the secrets of Santorini’s agriculture.


Locanda al Colle

Locanda al Colle: This restored farmhouse turned small, luxury hotel, is the perfect getaway while traveling through Tuscany. Between its panoramic terrace, nestled between olive trees, lavender and herbs, and its eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary art, this hotel experience is one that should not be missed. Seriously, check out that view!

Insider tip: Don’t forget to try Flytographer’s 60 Minute Photo Shoot in Tuscany so you don’t let those precious moments with your love go undocumented.


JK Place in Rome

JK Place in Rome: Located in the heart of Rome, this sophisticated addition to the JK family is the ideal vacation spot. Just off the Via Condotti, you can walk around this busy, high-end street, and end your day with a glass of wine on the rooftop bar. Sounds ideal, right?!

Insider tip: Be sure to check out our Private Scooter Tour so you can feel like one of the locals, breezing through the narrow streets of this ancient city!


The Levin Hotel

The Levin: This is the most private boutique hotel in all of Knightsbridge, that defines luxury on a smaller scale and is so close to Harrod’s that you might need to restrain yourselves. Oh, and did we mention that your purchases can be delivered right to your hotel room…for free?! Yeah, that’s right.

Insider tip: What would a trip to London be without taking a Beatles tour? Try The Magical Mystery Tour of London to ignite your passion for music and culture!


Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi: Looking for a renovated farmhouse in the heart of Ibiza? Look no further Wanderers! The Cas Gasi is a small boutique hotel, set among tranquil olive groves and gardens, where guests can swim, head to the spa or even take a trip around the island in a private boat. After a day of straight relaxation, head to the city to explore Ibiza’s famous nightlife!


The Gentleman of Verona

The Gentleman of Verona: One of the most romantic hotels throughout Verona, Italy, the Gentleman of Verona is both discreet and utterly lavish. The perfect getaway for any couple, including multiple nearby golf courses and for those who prefer a little art and culture, you can always check out Juliet’s home from Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. Can you say romantic?!


Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik: This luxurious hotel is the ultimate Croatian getaway, with the most phenomenal views along the Adriatic coastline. Check out the award-winning spa, the 3 lavish outdoor pools (including an adults only pool…perfect for your honeymoon, huh?), and the numerous restaurant/bar options. Trust us, you will NOT be disappointed.


CasaTitta: Enjoy this charming 4-room bed and breakfast in Milan, close to the trendy district of Isola. This is the ideal home away from home and is situated in a vintage 1920’s building. There is also a beautiful rooftop terrace for those who want to soak up the sun or even do some yoga. Mmmmm, Vitamin D!

Insider tip: Don’t miss out on our incredible Scuba Diving Trip, where you and your love can explore the majestic waters of Italy!

So, Wanderers, if you are looking for a luxurious European boutique hotel that is not necessarily focused on hype but actually gets your heart racing, then Chic Retreats could be right up your alley. What are you waiting for? Give it a try! We know we want to. Also, make sure to “like” Chic Retreats on Facebook!


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Spotlight: Eat This, Shoot That

 Guest Blogger Alert! Mrs. Archer from Weddingbee shares her Eat This, Shoot That experience exclusively with Wanderable!


Mr. & Mrs. Archer from

We Archers were lucky enough to experience first hand that the best things in life are not things, but adventures with the one you love! (Duh).  Through Wanderable, (our new obsession, where was this when we were getting married?!) we were able to go on an amazing date night in beautiful Santa Barbara. We ultimately decided to go with Eat This, Shoot That for our experience, which combines mini photo lessons and a food tour,  starting near the beach and moving to different restaurants, wine bars, brew houses and distilleries. We were able to sample some of Santa Barbara’s best seafood (ceviche!), gourmet fried chicken, and local wines.  We spent the most of our time in the hip Funk Zone area (more on this later) and got to savor some great food while picking up a lot of tips for how to take better photographs (but I still can’t take a selfie). 

Wanderable also made booking a breeze. Once my booking was confirmed, my  tickets arrived in my email along with parking and meet-up instructions- so easy! Now, onto the fun part…

It was a gorgeous day in Santa Barbara!


We met up with our ETST guide and headed straight to Deep Sea Winery to begin the afternoon with a little wine-tasting.   We enjoyed wine, sunshine, and a new friend on the balcony. We then strolled along the water; headed to munch on fresh rockfish ceviche at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. I’m ceviche-obsessed, and this batch was deliciously prepared and super fresh, so I was a happy girl.


And with a view like that, I know y’all can’t blame me for conning Mr. Archer into an awkward selfie session.  Too bad I cropped out the view- I’m terrible at selfies.


Selfie Attempt #1


Selfie Attempt #2

Next, we headed into the Funk Zone area, Santa Barbara’s hip and quickly gentrifying area.  We visited the courtyard at Lucky Penny and enjoyed a lovely alfresco pizza with chorizo and potatoes and a runny egg…Yum. 


Figueroa Mountain Brewing welcomed us for beer tasting next. I’m not a big beer girl, but found a Wheat I enjoyed, and Mr. Archer loved tasting the different varieties. They had an awesome bluegrass band performing that afternoon, and I couldn’t help dancing along.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.18.47 PM

We kept the party going at Cutlers Artisan Spirits, where an onsite still helps them distill a variety of small batch spirits. Normally no fan of gin, I was impressed by the floral/herbal blend, and the apple pie moonshine based off the owner’s family recipe was so amazing, I had seconds! 


We extended cocktail hour at  Riverbench winery to taste an assortment of sparkling wines. Bubbly is my favorite, and once they sweetened the deal, literally, with delish treats from  Koval confections, it was game on. and I couldn’t help cracking up when i discovered an upright piano in the ladies room. 


Seven bar+kitchen, inspired by the seven deadly sins, was the last stop.  Gluttony will always be my vice, including the scrumptious chicken and waffle we indulged in. As a southern girl, I hold my fried chicken to a high standard, and this one made the grade.


With our tummies full and tour complete, we walked back along the water to the car, and snapped a few pics before starting the drive back to Los Angeles.  


Though we typically are off-the-beaten-path rather than tour kind of people, but we really enjoyed this. A cool guide and only one other couple made for a fun and friendly experience. We’re obsessed with Eat This, Shoot That and would recommend it to any of our other friends looking for a fun and cool date night experience. And honestly, it was the best thing ever to just be able to go and have fun and have all of the organizing and planning be someone else’s problem for once. With Wanderable curating from their experience network, you just have to click and add.  I can totally see this making honeymoon planning super easy-  extra nice when there’s already enough to deal with wedding planning.




 Are you considering a honeymoon registry? What Wanderable experience would you be most excited for?


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Spotlight: Chic Retreats, Off the Beaten Path

Here are some of our favorite places that you never thought you’d travel on this week’s Spotlight: 


Okeanos Luxury Villas 

Have you ever wanted to stay at a hotel that was a bit more under the radar, somewhere luxurious, where you could also truly escape? Well, stop all of your researching and look no further! We are very proud to announce the best kept secret in all of travel history — Chic Retreats, a collection of boutique hotels around the world that puts the excitement back into travel. These hidden gems are all about the little luxuries; Whether you want to stay in a small hotel, a luxury villa, or a B&B, Chic Retreats has got you covered.


Riad AnaYela

Riad AnaYela: This 300-year old palace is the epitome of Moroccan culture, with a story so incredible, it just had to be carved onto the walls of the actual riad. There is also a magical rooftop terrace where you can take a trip on a flying carpet or eat traditional Moroccan food in an authentic nomad tent. #Culture


Borgo San Marco 

Borgo San Marco: Discover Italy’s unbeaten paths in Puglia, Italy’s deep south. This hidden boutique hotel is a true oasis, surrounded by thousands of olive trees. Feel free to #Wander around the olive groves, purchase some olive oil or eat in the hotel’s restaurant, where only the best ingredients are used. This charming hotel will keep you coming back again and again.


Okeanos Luxury Villas

Okeanos Luxury Villas: This fantastic boutique hotel is located in Lefkada, right on the famous white sandy beach of Egremni, which was voted one of the top ten beaches in ALL OF EUROPE! Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on this. These 6 spacious and contemporary self-catering villas have romance written all over them. With mesmerizing views that will lull you into complete relaxation, Okeanos Luxury Villas are a MUST when traveling through Lefkada. Also, major plus: we’re actually giving away 7 nights at this villa, with How He Asked!


 Riad Jaaneman

Riad Jaaneman: An upbeat and stylish luxury riad that is located in the bohemian heart of Marrakech medina. This hidden oasis of Italian sophistication and design is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the souks and the markets. So come on Wanderers, what are you waiting for?! Morocco is calling your name.


Theva Residency 

Theva Residency: A cutting-edge boutique hotel that marries tradition with contemporary, the Theva Residency will literally take your breath away with its incredible mountain views. Just 10 minutes from Kandy Town, Sri Lanka, this hotel will give you a chance to relax and revive yourselves while enjoying the mouth-watering menu and the beautiful nature.

beckford-arms-07 Beckford Arms

Beckford Arms: This unbeatable, sophisticated, country pub is located in the Wiltshire countryside, a short two hours away from London. With 8 en-suite bedrooms, this is the perfect getaway for you and your love, combining stylish interiors and delicious food in a traditional pub setting.

So this is definitely making us want to wander anywhere and everywhere with Chic Retreats. What about you? They are the perfect combination of luxury, culture, and a home away from home. Keep them in mind when planning a trip with the one you love– and for exclusive offers and promotions, make sure you “like” Chic Retreats on Facebook!



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Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Indonesia

The Top Five: Indulge in an opulent Indonesian oasis (yachts included)

alexa boat

All Aboard: Alexa Private Cruises is the epitome of luxury travel

Let us begin by emphasizing this is no ordinary blog post– you’ve been warned: We’ve gone ahead and outlined the creme de la creme of cruise & spa getaways, a once in a lifetime experience that will redefine what travel means to you… and in a location you probably haven’t considered before: Indonesia.

Here are 5 reasons to honeymoon in Indonesia

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.06.03 PM

1. Alexa Private Cruises: First of all, this earthy and majestic yacht is akin to something out of a Hemingway novel or maybe even Peter Pan. The magical feeling that fills the air is contagious from the moment you step on deck.  Oh, and, did we mention, you’ll be the only guests? That’s right, it’s a private yacht for two that includes seafood barbeques, expert spa therapy and pro diving instructions at gorgeous points in Flores & Raja Ampat. Mmmm. What more could you ask for?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.22.25 AM

2.  You’ll get cultured: This archipelago in Southeast Asia is the second most biodiverse country in the world (narrowly beat by Brazil); it’s known for its rich history of Buddhist and Hindu Kingdoms, and has a reputation for being extremely kind. Also, the beaches are literally to die for. How could you ever resist this perfect honeymoon oasis?


3. Oazia Spa Villas: it is an oasis reminiscent of traveling to a different planet. Billowy fabrics catch the wind as you inhabit indoor/outdoor pods for various spa treatments offered from all over the world (sounds pretty incredible, am I right?!). With its three total villas, you will have complete privacy and freedom to get centered and one with the universe, and will leave with a newfound zen. #Namaste, Wanderers!


4. The Coffee: One local treat to look out for while in Indonesia, perhaps on par with the prestige of Alexa Cruises & Oazia Spa Villas, is Kopi lukas coffee. To make the coffee, the palm civet, a cat-sized mammal, is fed coffee berries. After the berries pass through its system, the action of the civet’s stomach enzymes gives the coffee an unrivaled richness of flavor without any of the usual bitterness. As a result, Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive beverage, costing around $1,000 per pound. If not now, we ask, then when?


5.  Alexa Private Cruises and Oazia Spa Villas is a marvelous, indulgent, all-inclusive voyage.  It’s our ultimate ode to romance, and the most delicious way to explore the islands of Indonesia. This voyage is probably unlike any other trip you or anyone you know has taken or will take. But isn’t that what a honeymoon is supposed to be? Doesn’t love deserve that kind of nod? We think so. After all, what are we but a collection of our experiences…?


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.06.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.05.43 PM





Win a Trip to Greece with Wanderable and How He Asked!

We want to know: what’s better than a Greek honeymoon, with its crystal-blue waters, unfaltering luxury, and amazing seafood… well, winning one, obviously.


We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite blogs, How He Asked, to give away $6,000 in hotels and experiences to one lucky couple to  jumpstart to their honeymoon (or pre-weddingmoon, lovermoon, anniversarymoon) in Greece!  Spend 7 relaxing days at Okeanos Luxury Villas in Lefkada, provided by Chic Retreats, then 3 Wanderable experiences in Santorini and 3 Wanderable experiences in Athens!  You can fill in the gaps with some of your own planning, but this giveaway will get you started (and save you tons of money) on an absolute dream trip.

Head over to How He Asked to find out how to enter!

Okeanos Luxury Villas, Lefkada Greece- Chic Retreats

 Okeanos Luxury Villas provided by Chic Retreats 


The Villa: Okeanos Luxury Villas provided by Chic Retreats

Chic Retreats has the best collection of small boutique hotels, luxury villas and B&Bs around the world, and this one has romance written all over it.  This is your view. For 7 days. Omg. Okeanos Luxury Villas sits on Egremni Beach, which was voted one of the top 10 beaches in ALL OF EUROPE.  In case beaches aren’t your thing (we can’t imagine how they can’t be) did we mention you have OWN infinity pool, too?

Make sure you Like Chic Retreats on Facebook (not only will you receive an additional entry to the contest, but you’ll get some major wanderlust inspiration and exclusive offers).



Solebike: We’re firm believers that everyone should travel Europe by bike. With Solebike, choose between  two amazing tours: “All Sights View Master” or “The Promenade of the Gods” – both will engage your adventurous and cultural side.

Big Olive City Walks Orientalist’s Tour: Admire the historical diversity of Athens by strolling around through the narrow streets of the old quarter just like a 19th century traveler! This is a meandering walk that will show you some major sites and lead though the city’s lesser-seen historic side streets to discover monuments rarely visited by tourists. This tour includes Byzantine and Armenian churches, stately Ottoman mansions, Turkish bath houses, mosques and synagogues.

Two  Fish Spa Pedicures at Athens Fish Spa: Have you ever wanted to do this? Now’s your chance!



45- Minute Flytographer Photo Shoot On they day of the shoot, your photographer will suggest local hotspots tailored to your interests.  You’ll then get to explore and wander around Santorini as your photographer takes beautiful photos of the two of you enjoying each other!

Hidden Paths Jeep Tour with Santorini Experts: You’ll be taken on a fun Jeep ride around the island to discover what Santorini is really like for locals. Find hushed churches, admire breathtaking landscapes, relax on secret beaches, and wander through charming villages. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the history, agriculture, and traditional way of life in Santorini.

Santorini Wine Tour: The grapes that grow in Santorini produce a unique wine that is also representative of the relaxed pace of Santorini’s island culture. With a relaxed itinerary featuring three traditional wineries, your day will be as rich as the wine you sample during this tour.

Head over to How He Asked to find out how to enter! Good Luck!

Need more convincing? Check out these hashtagnofilter images of where you could be spending your honeymoon!






 Our amazing partners:




Good luck!


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