The Anti-Selfie: Let Flytographer Shoot Your Honeymoon

Sparkly photos of you & your love when you’re in a foreign land.

WANDERABLE USE-Rome_Roberta Perrone for Flytographer1(Roberta Perrone for Flytographer)

We’ve all been there: You come home from the most splendid trip, so surreal in its loveliness that you can barely remember why you returned…BUT your photographs are rushed, blurry afterthoughts, awkward selfies, or 500 pictures of your love and none of yourself.

Well one kind of genius, Nicole Smith, has come up with a solution to all of these problems. Her admirably successful and growing brand is Flytographer, and their mantra is eerily similar to ours at Wanderable: “We believe memories are the best souvenirs, and connecting with a local is part of the vacation magic.” We agree whole-heartedly!

WANDERABLE USE-Paris_Lucille Caballero(Lucille Caballero for Flytographer)

To elaborate…Flytographer sets you up with a groovy, artistic local who takes a brief and incredibly natural photoshoot so that you’ll have photos that you adore of yourself and your homeslice on your honeymoon (or any vacation for that matter)!

WANDERABLE USE NYC Honeymoon - NYC Vacation Photographer(Kimberly Mufferi for Flytographer)

Basically, it’s like having a good friend frolocking along wherever you go for an afternoon (a friend that just so happens to be a magician behind the camera).  She discretely captures the sweetest of your moments, with iconic and foreign backdrops, as she shares with you her must-do’s in her city. The photos are delivered within a week of the shoot, where you can share or print them, or post via a charming online gallery (like this).  It brings the Wanderable trip full-circle in a very subtle and pretty way.

WANDERABLE USE Lisbon_Orsi Lazar for Flytographer(Orsi Lazar for Flytographer)

In essence, Flytographer is all about capturing your most natural & poignant moments so that your memories don’t float away. Your “Fly” will capture you completely in your element so that you can remember not just what you looked like on your honeymoon, but how you felt.

Go ahead, choose your own adventure…

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